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388RE: [j4x-owners-group] line handlers

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  • Robert Thuss
    May 10, 2011

      You will not have to remove the stainless grab bars. Remove the hatch trim screws and the trim should drop down. Remove the wood trim at the wall-ceiling joint and the ceiling screws (mine were under buttons). Then you can drop the ceiling panels you need to gain access.



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      I am adjusting the line handlers from the original 3 and doubling by stacking another schaefer on top. How do you release the inside ceiling panels to get access? I hope I do not need to release the SS hand holds to get access! How can I release the ocvering around the center hatch because that should give me access without taking the hand hold loose.

      Help, I know that a number of you added or changed so hopefully the access is easier than i have found.

      Another J

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