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260Urgent - Any idea how to address 1/2" play on Rudder?

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  • Scott Dickinson & Kim Worsham
    Jul 27, 2010
      I've just got off the phone with my return captain who is about 150 miles off the shore of Hawaii with our J/42 #33 Tiki J.  He asked if we had any recomendations about how to handle 1/2" play with the top of the rudder post.
      We just left the boat in Hawaii after racing to to Oahu last week.  We inspected the rudder bearing on arrival and noticed some play, but nothing my experienced crew took as a concern.  We had heard a clunk when turning the wheel reversing directions, caused by the gear at the top of the pedistal (the angled gear that connects to the vertical shaft going down the pedistal), we inspected and determined it was just minor play between the gears and greased them.  We had a new steering system installed from Edson almost 2 years ago and had not had an issue with numerous miles off shore in California.
      I'm going to pull the manuals I made PDF files of and see if there are any adjustments, I figured I'd shoot this off before everyone was asleep.  I plan to call jboats in the AM.
      Any advise or experience with bearings is appreciated.  The captain is contacting the return fleet via SSB to ask for advise from other return skippers.
      Thanks for any feedback,
      Scott Dickinson
      Tiki J, J/42 #33.
      Oh - in response the recent post about drawer pulls... I had previuosly purchased replacement latch push buttons - just 4 weeks ago from Pearson, they have sets in stock.  All I did was say what model and year my boat was and they knw exactly what I had on the boat.
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