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223POLL: Should we switch to Google Groups?

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  • Paul Rogers
    May 11, 2010
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      Hi Tom

      Although I have not commented on the many items discussed on the
      yahoo site, I have appreciated getting the info and feel the Yahoo
      has worked OK. I am not familiar with Google. If pictures can be
      posted on the Google site please change my vote.

      I will comment here on items mentioned that I remember and note that
      I have had most of those problems. I have Canty J-42 #38 purchased
      used in 2003.

      Problems Lazarette hatch leaking. When I purchased the boat, there
      was no protection for the engine panel. Water leakage through the
      hatch had corroded the panel and had travelled 6 feet down the wires
      to the starter solenoid. I learned quickly how to jump the engine
      with a screwdriver. I ended up replacing the panel and wiring
      harness. The engine panel now has a protective cover. I have
      replaced seals, added block and tackle to tighten with jam cleat in
      sail locker to tighten the seal and provide a means of locking the

      Fuel Tank. had diesel in bilge when I returned to boat in Scotland
      in spring of 2005. Could not find leak. The tank let loose crossing
      from Shetland to Alesund. Norway. When we removed the tank we found
      sawdust and screw in the corner which must have sat in 1/2" of
      water. Norway. Welded lower corner in Alesund. Tank leaked
      following winter and replaced with custom stainless tank in
      Alesund. Unfortunately they I do not believe they added baffles
      because the fuel sloshing under the bunk is annoying.

      Radar mast- we have a 3" Edson mast which is removable. It seams
      plenty strong. Of shore in certain conditions it vibrates which can
      be very annoying. The vibration appears to come from a pumping
      mast. A little tension on a check stay and the vibration disappears.

      Ice Box cover We run two fiberglass battens athwart ship across the
      hinged lid. The inboard side slides into a cut in the fiddle. The
      outboard side has a small white cleats which the battens jam under.

      head sump drain. We seam to get a good bit of water down the mast.
      One year when the boat was left unattended for couple months the
      water filled in the head enough to overflow ruin the forward cabin
      deck. We now disconnect the sump hose at the drain fitting in the
      main cabin so that it will drain into the bilge when we leave the
      boat for any extended period. I believe there is also a filter there
      which can clog.

      Windless and anchor hatch. Replaced corroded electrical switch in
      2004. Offshore have used plastic bag over windless sealed with duct
      tape. I may have also used moretite around the hatch. I believe
      much of the water in the anchor well is forced up from underneath by
      the sea and drains out slower than it enters. We have stored fenders
      and empty water jugs forward.

      Cabin house winches. We have the same problem with the winch
      installation. Of the 4 positions, they chose to locate the winches
      on both sides so the gears can not be removed to service. I have
      cleaned and lubricated the best I could and hope it is sufficient.
      Removing the winches is not an easy job.

      We are flying to Finland May 17th and will cruise the Baltic,
      Denmark, Norway and Scotland for 3 months.

      Best Regards,

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