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182RE: [j4x-owners-group] Re: J/40 Deck plate over rudder post

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  • Paul Lever
    Jan 31, 2010
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      So I install the new deck plate and the new one still leaks. Less than the old, but it does leak through the plate to deck fitting seal. It has a nice, plump gasket in there, but it has a slow leak to it. I think I'm going to seal it with silicon at this point.

      At 03:29 PM 1/5/2010, Paul Lever wrote:

      I just called the 800 number and they said as long as I wasn't local they'd do it for me. Pretty low key.

      At 03:17 PM 1/5/2010, Doug Duke wrote:

      Do you need an account to order from Lewis?


      --- On Tue, 1/5/10, Paul Lever <paullever@...> wrote:
      From: Paul Lever <paullever@...>
      Subject: RE: [j4x-owners-group] Re: J/40 Deck plate over rudder post
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      Date: Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 6:11 PM
      I just ordered a new Viking deck plate from Lewis Marine that Thomas pointed out. It was less than $35. I was going to just put sealing goop on plate, but when I went to pull it off the handle broke. Time for a new one. They have a couple of dozen in stock.
      At 06:23 PM 12/20/2009, William Stellin wrote:
      Mine leaked as well on Jaywalker, J/42 hull #6 1991. I got fed up with it and sealed it with a light coating around the rim with bedding compound. I can still take it off if I ever need to, but after 31,000 miles and 14 years, I have never had to get to the top of the rudder post except to change the lower bearing once about 4 years ago.
      Bill Stellin

      To: j4x-owners-group@ yahoogroups. com
      From: douglasduke@ bellsouth. net
      Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 21:06:23 +0000
      Subject: [j4x-owners- group] Re: J/40 Deck plate over rudder post
      Thanks for all the quick responses. The original deck plate was "fixed" with a smaller one that fits inside the old plate opening. There is no way to properly seal it without installing a new one. So far I haven't been able to find an exact replacement. I think I might end up using a thin 1/4" piece of Starboard cut to fit the recessed hole. I'll post a pic if I can.
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