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18Re: [j4x-owners-group] Prospective J 40 owner

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  • Dick & Joan Harding
    Feb 4, 2008
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      From: esh
      Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 5:45 PM
      Subject: Re: [j4x-owners-group] Prospective J 40 owner

      I am webmaster for the J40 Sailors Website at
      http://members. dslextreme. com/users/ sded/ . I have
      taken mine to San Francisco and Mexico, but there are
      other owners using/based in the Bahamas and
      Caribbean-and a few circumnavigations and very long
      trips. See the website roster. A lot of information
      is on the website, but I will try to answer your
      questions directly:

      Weak points: Rudder bearings often need to be
      replaced because of corrosion. Opening ports also
      develop leaks, have non-replaceable gaskets, large
      ones may need replacement. Seals on hydraulic vang
      and backstay may need replacement. Some have had
      premature engine problems.

      Standing rigging: No particular problems. Early
      versions have wire, later versions have rod. Usual
      replacement times-if it has never been done on a
      J-boat, should be done at time of purchase because of
      age. I use Dyform wire.

      Diesel: There is an article on engine replacement on
      the J40 website. Varying replacement intervals
      depending on care and usage-plus maybe a few lemons.
      I have 3500 hours on my Volvo with no particular
      issues, little maintenance cost. Replacement with
      Yanmar is popular long term solution because of out of
      production parts costs (not that Volvo parts are cheap
      anyway). Others do a short block or long block
      rebuild if satisfied with engine, since parts are
      available. I don't need to do anything (yet). These
      Volvos were also used on other boats of the era, like
      Valiant 40s, so you might ask at their owners site.

      Rudder Bearings: There is an article addressing this
      on the J40 website, but both Edson and PYI have been
      used successfully.

      Barients: I have Barient 32STCs which are still going
      strong. Parts are generally available from the
      Australian Winch Co, although not always quickly.
      They have not been particular problems (unless you
      drop a part over the side while cleaning them). Pawls
      and springs are easy to find.

      Cost: Depends on the condition, existing upgrades,
      needed upgrades. The range in the listings seems
      reasonable based on the few actual sales prices I know
      about: $150K +- depending. Check the J40 website
      roster for boats for sale, as well as your local J
      dealers. There are email addresses in the roster, so
      you can ask about price without going through the
      listings. Probably less than through a broker. ;)

      --- Dick & Joan Harding <dharding@bmts. com> wrote:

      > My wife Joan and I are on the search for a
      > retirement boat and the J40 appears to be the one
      > that tops the list. In other words a reasonably fast
      > comfortable cruiser that is well built and can be
      > handled by a couple. The intended cruising ground
      > would be the Bahamas and the Caribbean.
      > I would like to canvas the list on a number of
      > subjects
      > 1.. What are the weak points in other words what
      > should my surveyor be on the look out for. Given
      > the obvious balsa core hull and deck and age are
      > there any other areas such as chain plates that may
      > be a issue.
      > 2.. Rigging: running rigging does not bother me
      > as it easily replaced with spectra or some other hi
      > tech line. Are there any issues with standing
      > rigging, should you replace after a certain time and
      > do you stay with the rod or go to wire.
      > 3.. The diesel: I see are number of boats have
      > replaced the Volvo with a Yanmar's is there a
      > problem with the original power plant what is the
      > recommended rebuild time.
      > 4.. Rudder Bearings: What is the best replacement
      > for the original Harkens.
      > 5.. Barients I had these on my C & C 30 . I know
      > they area excellent winch but are spare parts a
      > concern.
      > 6.. A fair price the brokerage listings have boats
      > listed from $119,000 to $189,000. Perhaps this is
      > not a fair question to ask of this list but would
      > welcome any opinions.
      > Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.
      > Thanks

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