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153RE: [j4x-owners-group] Re: What size primary filter do you use on your Yanmar? and what spares do you carry

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  • William Stellin
    Sep 18, 2009
      We have hull #6 owned since new in 1996.  After almost 31,000 miles and two atlantic crossings we still only carry spare filters for both tanks as well as the final engine filter for fuel and oil.  One spare belt and the old impeller which has only been changed once during the 3200 hours of the engines life.
      Parts are everywhere and I don't feel it is necessary to spend a fortune carrying parts I may never need.  This spring for the first time ever we had the valves adjusted, the injectors rebuilt and the blower cleaned.  I don't think I am lucky, Yanmars are wonderfully dependable engines.  HOw many spare parts do you carry for your car.
      You can find Yanmar parts everywhere.
      Bill Stellin    s/y Jaywalker

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      Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 18:31:03 +0000
      Subject: [j4x-owners-group] Re: What size primary filter do you use on your Yanmar? and what spares do you carry

      Hi, Scott

      I used to use 2 micron primary filters as well, but had troubles with them clogging very quickly. A local mechanic here suggested switching to 10 and using the stock Yanmar filter as the secondary. I've had no more problems since.

      I don't know what micron size the stock Yanmar filters are either, but I figure if they're good enough for Yanmar, they're good enough for me. :-)

      As for spares, I usually care one extra primary, one extra secondary, an extra impeller (an old one will do), an extra oil filter, and an alternator belt. That's for coastal sailing up and down the Pacific Northwest (including the overnighter between Oregon and Washington), as well as jaunts up through Canada and Alaska (spares are easy to come by). If I was doing a longer, offshore, cruise I'd take more (way more!).



      --- In j4x-owners-group@ yahoogroups. com, "sk_dickinson" <sk_dickinson@ ...> wrote:
      > All,
      > We've done some work on our fuel system and relized we have 3 different primary filter types and I wanted your advise as to which I should stick with.
      > We have a Racor primary filter. What Micron type do you use?
      > 2, 10, or 30.
      > A few folks recommend 30. We have had quite a bit of trouble with 2. I now have 30 installed and a 10 in stock.
      > I'd like to settle on the best choice.
      > I looked up the Yanmar 2ndary filter and could not determine how granular it is. I was thinking I don't want a primary that is larger than the 2ndary, but I have no expertise in this area.
      > On a second note, What do you keep on board for spares. Here is what I have: Primary Fuel filter, Secondary Fuel filter, Oil filter, Alternator belt. Should I carry other stuff like an impeller?
      > Your feedback is valued!
      > Thanks
      > Scott Dickinson
      > Tiki J
      > J42 #33

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