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1527RE: [j4x-owners-group] Gasket for ice box cover

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  • Deb and Con
    Aug 6, 2014

      I measured the J 42 and it was the same dimensions – 13” x 14 3/8” .  Also U shaped for each side.  I have not ordered yet.





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      The outside dimensions for the refrigerator on a J/46 are: 14 3/8" wide x 13"  long.  It is a U shaped gasket for each side.  Two are required - one for each side because it is a split opening top.

      Sorry I do not have the dimensions for the J/42 fridge top.


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      So what measurements did you settle on for your fridge gasket?  It seems likely that most of the J42's have identically sized refrigerator hatches.

      Reed Erskine s/v Cayenne  hull#65


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