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151Re: [j4x-owners-group] Re: What size primary filter do you use on your Yanmar? and what spares do you carry

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  • Ivan C Getting
    Sep 18, 2009
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      Raw water pump.  Prebend in the right direction does not matter.  The rotation of the pump aligns the fins correctly.  On shutting down the engine the fatal compression stroke often reverses the direction of rotation reversing the orientation of some of the fins.  I've watched it with the pump cover off after a few seconds of running.  I know the manual makes a big deal out of it, but my experience and every mechanic I've talked to agrees that the initial direction of the raw water impeller pump fins is irrelevant.  Any other opinions?

      Ivan Getting
      J/42, Hull no 74

      lenny_reich wrote:

      Scott: Unless you have your impeller changed every year and put no more than about 100 hours on the engine annually, you should carry a spare impeller and know how to install it. The old impellers can sometimes be difficult to remove, and you need to pre-bend the vanes of the new impeller in the correct direction (often done with a cable tie) as you slide it in place.

      --- In j4x-owners-group@ yahoogroups. com, "sk_dickinson" <sk_dickinson@ ...> wrote:
      > All,
      > We've done some work on our fuel system and relized we have 3 different primary filter types and I wanted your advise as to which I should stick with.
      > We have a Racor primary filter. What Micron type do you use?
      > 2, 10, or 30.
      > A few folks recommend 30. We have had quite a bit of trouble with 2. I now have 30 installed and a 10 in stock.
      > I'd like to settle on the best choice.
      > I looked up the Yanmar 2ndary filter and could not determine how granular it is. I was thinking I don't want a primary that is larger than the 2ndary, but I have no expertise in this area.
      > On a second note, What do you keep on board for spares. Here is what I have: Primary Fuel filter, Secondary Fuel filter, Oil filter, Alternator belt. Should I carry other stuff like an impeller?
      > Your feedback is valued!
      > Thanks
      > Scott Dickinson
      > Tiki J
      > J42 #33

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