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1481A Third Hand For Ivan

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  • Bill Bowers
    Jun 23, 2014
    We have hot water again thanks to you alll. To simplify Ivan's second method I added a $25 Grainger Apollo bronze ball valve with 3 ports (1/4" fpt). The first pic shows the water heater feed hose on the freshwater engine cooling pump. It is the upper hose closest to the thermostat. This hose needs to connect to the lower port on the water heater. The Atlantic heater manual calls this the return port, but using it that way tends to trap more air in the heater coil. The common port of the valve is connected to the upper port of the heater under the sink.
    In pic 2 the valve is set for heating directing the outflow of the heater back to the suction side of the engine pump.
    In pic 3 the valve is turned to purge air and coolant into a bucket. At first I got just a trickle with the hose to the bucket longer and looping upward. I shortened the hose and lowered the loop and got a large belch at 1500 rpm and gushing flow into the bucket. Collected a cup or two and switched the valve back to recirculate.

    After the engine cooled I added the coolant back by sticking a funnel in the purge hose and elevating the hose with the valve in purge position.

    Not a drop spilt because hoses stay connected.

    Bill #3