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  • billbowers44
    Apr 12, 2014
      Hi All,
      This is a pretty scary followup/watchout to you all to my earlier posts about our fluky Freedom 10 charger on J42 #3.  

      I had been seeing the Reverse Polarity LED and little to no output from the charger.  Following Bill Stellin's advice about separating charging and inverting I had ordered a Xantrex Truecharge 2 40A charger with remote panel and a 1000 W KISAE pure sine inverter with an autotransfer switch.  The simplest deployment turned out to be to put both small light units behind the quarter cabin door and free up space in the lazarette for just a new DEI galvanic isolator (which the vessel never had) and the original AC receptacle double pole kill switch.
      Today I pulled out the two AWG10 inverter charger cables running from the AC panel aft to the lazarette as far forward as the quarter hanging locker where they will serve the new charger and inverter and transfer switch.

      I will attach photos of what I found.  The cable from the main power switch on the AC panel at the nav table feeding AC back to the Freedom charger/inverter had chafed thru its insulation and severed all but about 2 strands of the white AC common line, and part of the green ground line.  The photos show no evidence of being cut by a drill, and I have not drilled near the cable run.  The chafe fracture is precisely over the nicely rounded plywood after panel of the quarter cabin vanity, where a huge gaggle of wires are fed thru along the sheer.  The bundle has sailed to Bermuda a couple times and seen some blue water.

      I suspect the Freedom 10 will power up fine if given more than 2 strands of common wire.  I may sell it on Ebay if so.  We appear to have dodged a catastrophic fire by a Westie's Whisker.  


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