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13RE: [j4x-owners-group] Re: Problems starting JH series motors on J/42

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  • William Stellin
    Nov 6, 2007
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      The boat can and should be started in neutral.  With the neutral safety switch disconnected the only problem is starting accidently in gear.  We and probably you have  a folding  two blade prop which take quite a few RPMS to get the boat moving, so even if we do start in forward or reverse, at idle speed we go nowhere.  If I could get at the switch I would replace it. More important though is proper size of the wire that connects the switch with the key.  It is noticably thinner than the wire to the starter solinoide.  If you don't want to disconnect it, you can buy a momentary switch mechanics use to start car engines without having to use the key and get into the car.  It has long cables with aligator clips so you can clip them to the magnetic switch and push the button to start.  The button can be out the head window and in the cockpit.  I bought one at a NAPA store for a few bucks and it works fine. Later I discovered the problem was not with the key switch, but rather the neutral switch.  One other idea is to hard wire a pigtail to the magnetic switch with a receptacle and then just plug in the momentary switch when it is needed.  Just remember to turn the key on when starting the engine so that the accessory panel items are on. I am not sure if the engine will start with the key off using a momentary switch.

      If anyone fixes the neutral switch, post instructions and where to buy the switch.. We have the Whitlock steering system.


      Bill Stellin   s/y Jaywalker hull #6

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      --- In j4x-owners-group@ yahoogroups. com, "Robert Thuss" <robert@...>
      > Have you had any problems with that
      > setup? I now believe that balky starting may be worse than starting in
      > gear, especially in a MOB or other critical situation. Robert

      My previous boat had (nearly) the same engine, and the same
      transmission, but no interlock switch. Occasionally I would forget and
      start the engine in gear to no ill effect. I think the main risk is
      having the boat leap forward unexpectedly while at a dock.


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