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1148RE: winterizing HVAC

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  • Robert Thuss
    Nov 21, 2013

      Pretty sure you lost the prime. You have to force the antifreeze in. Rig up a manual bilge pump to put pressure on it and get the ATF flowing – Robert


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      I can’t comment on the winterization but I would love to know the specifics of your system and where the components are installed.







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      I installed had a Cruise Air 1,600 BTU unit installed and now have a question about winterize it. Hoping someone has experience.

      PROCESS I used:

      • Shut the seacock and pulled off the hose on the output side of the sea strainer poured antifreeze into the hose at that point but none exited the boat. 
      • Thinking I must have lost the prime, I took the hose off the output side of the pump. What I found was antifreeze pumping very forcefully out of the pump.
      • When I reattached the hose on the output side of the pump to the Cruise Air no antifreeze exited the boat except for a very slight momentary trickle.  It seems as if there is resistance strong enough to prevent the flow from the pump through the unit. This is odd since moments before I started the process sea water had flowed forcefully out of the thru hull.

      Is this normal? Same thing happened last year with no apparent ill effects - but it confounds me, 


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