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  • Wayne Cassady
    Nov 20, 2013
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      We had our J40 painted in 2010. She has always been off white and I was tempted with  a color change to produce a dramatic new look.. My favorite was the Stars and Stripes blue since countless people had warned us about darker colors. There is no doubt the darker colors are striking, at anchor and underway. In the end we went with the white. She looks great and the paint has held up very well with us following the instructions of no wax, only the Awlwash and polymer. I have even made a point to clean and coat the mast/boom once a season since I never want to go through that complete dismantle again. The painter did use Awlcraft instead of Awlgrip, citing that Awlcraft is more like gelcoat with paint properties consistent through the dry film layer (ie: the paint can be buffed back to a lasting shine if a fender rubs it dull over years of use or in other cases of repair). Our boat is tied to an end slip and has not developed any rub marks now after three seasons. I know you stated the ship has sailed so to speak on the dark color choice but you may still want to talk to others that have dark hulled boats in warm weather areas. Just a thought.
      On 11/20/2013 12:09 PM, Anthony M Iacono wrote:


      I’d agree, I doubt there is much difference between the colors on your final list. My thoughts on the matter if you areusing Awlgrip, go with the softer one and put several coats of clear coat.


      Knowing what I do now white gel coat seems easiest to care for. If I ordered a new boat now I think I would give white gelcoat a strong consideration, but that is not your question.


      I have black Awlgrip with a double 2" snow white boot stripes and shark gray bottom. People are nice and say It looks prettysmart with a gold cove and tan deck. The paint has held up very well, not faded that I can notice, even after a season in St Martin. When it is dirty it looks faded, but a cleaning with Awlgrip wash brings it back.


      While I have no scientific data I seem to seemore faded flag blue than black, but then there just may be more flag blue boats around. Scratches are a problem with both colors. Every year I do a little touch up with Awlgrip on an artist brush and buff and polish with Awlgrip supplied polish.  There are two (maybe more now) Awlgrip products and one is softer than the other. I had it painted with the softer one and combined with 3 to 5 clear coats it can be buffed and polished. Each spring it looks new from ten yards out.


      All colors are of course a matter of preference,. Dark J 42 hulls are attractive, but Stars and Stripes blue looks very smart to my eye on the old Ragtime, then True now Arrowhead. If it is still the original paint job, then it is really strong. 


      Good luck, Tony I

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      Dark colors make much warmer temps below during the Summer.

      Rob Moore
      J42 #51

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