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1128Keep It Simple J-42 hull 12 Wins 2013 Caribbean 1500

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  • hst_jreed
    Nov 14, 2013

      Keep It Simple, J-42 hull number 12 captained by Joe Reed of Annapolis Maryland placed 1st for a second straight year in the ARC Caribbean 1500 in Class B. The rally started a day early and Keep It Simple was delayed in starting waiting for crew to arrive. Keep It Simple crossed the starting line Sunday Nov. 4 at 09:10 AST, 19 hour after the official early start in Hampton Road. This resulted in a less favorable weather window for crossing the Gulf Stream than the main body experienced.


      Keep It Simple was able to catch the main body of the fleet within just over two days. Most of the 1500 nm the wind was from the Northeast with Keep It Simple close hauled. The last two dayt he wind angle was around 35 degrees with a boat speed of 7 knots.


      Keep it Simple crossed the finish line Monday evening Nov. 11 and then proceeded to Nanny Cay Marina, BVI. The boat performed very well and we actually slowed down for a couple days for crew comfort in heavy weather.