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  • sailgarrett
    Nov 8, 2013
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      Geoffrey, does your backstay have the isolators for single sideband radio? Do they interfere with the hanks for the sail?  What are the approximate dimensions of the sail? Who and where is Banner Bay? I have a Bimini and it could interfere with certain types of steadying sails.             
                      Waddy Garrett, Running Tide, J 46 #28
      In a message dated 11/7/2013 9:54:34 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, clark.geoffrey@... writes:

      We have had good luck with a steadying sail from Banner Bay on our J46 Sedna. It is hanked onto the backstay and sheeted taut to a cleat on the boom. It would be better if it were a bit larger. I note that they have a new model which might be even more effective, though I don't see how you could rig it with the bimini in place. We have an all chain rode and another thing I may try instead of our single line length of line with a snubber is a nylon bridle with a snubber.

      ---In j4x-owners-group@yahoogroups.com, <wfb01983@...> wrote:

      We had a small riding sail made last year for our 42 that tacked to the end of the boom and sheeted to the base of the mast. It worked well. 
      This year we replaced the Dutchman blown out main with a Doyle StakPak. We added extended outer clevises to the upper spreaders to attach small blocks for a cockpit-adjustable lazyjack hoistin g and retracting loop of Spectra. When hoisting we slack the jack lift and pull all the boom forks neatly forward to the gooseneck. No more battens catching in the lazyjacks. Once hoisted we can sail with the jack forks along the boom. To reef or douse we release the retractor and trim the jacks. The best part is that after zipping the pak and trimming the jack lift to raise the Pak so the loose foot of the main is just proud if the boom, we have about 18" of area above the whole boom , and the boat no longer does its Mustang Sally dance on the mooring or anchor chain. The Pak is also a perfect riding sail that balances the furled headsail. 

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      On Nov 4, 2013, at 8:07 PM, William Stellin <wstellin@...> wrote:

      Use 5/16th all chain rode and and it will definitely diminish "sailing at anchor".  It adds some weight, but it is a good trade off if you anchor a lot.  Plus you can get by with much less scope in tight anchorages.
      Bill   #6

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      On Nov 4, 2013, at 7:49 PM, "Frank Flannery" <fflanner@...> wrote:


      Enjoy the regatta! We sail like crazy, especially since we have an
      awning that goes over the whole bow from pulpit to mast. It's not
      really a problem with a 40+ lbs anchor. We've only dragged once. It
      was a 60 knot squall and we were in tenuous holding.

      You'll get used to it.

      You will eliminate sailing with two anchors off the bow.


      On 11/4/13, Thomas Keffer <tkeffer@...> wrote:
      > There are a few things you can do, none of them particularly attractive.
      > 1. Drop the headsail. The horsing around on the anchor is caused by
      > windage up forward. The wind blows the bow off, and it takes a while for
      > the heavier stern to catch up.
      > 2. Add some drag up forward. You can try attaching a small drogue to the
      > anchor chain, just below the surface. This will cause the bow not to
      > blow
      > off so quickly, giving the stern a chance to catch up. The drogue has to
      > be
      > attached directly to the chain: no pendant.
      > 3. Drop a stern anchor. A pain, and it's a problem if the wind changes,
      > but it will stop the horsing.
      > 4. Put out a riding sail. If you have a storm jib, you can hank it on to
      > the backstay, then hoist with the main halyard. Sheet it forward to the
      > cabin top winches. This is not one of my favorite tactics because then
      > you
      > have to live with the thing in the cockpit.
      > I usually just live with the horsing around. But when it really starts to
      > bug me, I usually do #1. It's quick and easy.
      > -tk
      > Tom Keffer
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      > On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 6:19 AM, <bdwyer@...> wrote:
      >> We have only anchored out twice thus far with the new boat but boy does
      >> she like to sail on her anchor! Granted, each time is got pretty windy
      >> (15-20) but I have never experienced this with other boats.
      >> I had adequate scope out and we have an all chain rode. Any thoughts?
      >> Barry

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