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1044Re: [j4x-owners-group] Jefa rudder bearing replacement advice

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  • William Stellin
    Oct 10, 2013
      It's been some time since our bearing was replaced, so my memory of it is a little hazy.
      If I recall, the tube which was supplied by Jefa and is aluminum, is only used to have something the gaiter is attached to.  The lip seals are part of the bearing race, as they do not rotate.  The rudder shaft rotates inside the bearing and the fixed lip seals prevent water from getting in.  The gaiter is further safety in case some water gets past the lip seals.
      If you go into Jefa's  web site, they have an excellent piece on installation which should answer all or most of your questions.  Also they welcome calls on the telephone and will explain and help you that way as well.
      On last note.  My retro-fit was much more extensive than just removing the old bearing and replacing it with a Jefa design.  My old bearing was made by Harken and the race was different which required cutting a new and larger hole and then quite of bit of glass work inside the boat to replace structural supports for the bearing.

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      On Oct 10, 2013, at 2:07 PM, "Frank Flannery" <fflanner@...> wrote:



      We are now two weeks away from hauling to do the bearing. I am still
      trying to figure out how to fit the lip seals. It would seem that I
      need to come up with another tube with an inner diameter equal to the
      outer diameter of the lip seal. I see in your writeup that this tube
      looks integral to the bearing. Did Jefa supply this tube with the
      bearing? Mine didn't come with one.


      On 5/16/13, William Stellin <wstellin@...> wrote:
      > Yes at least on my boat. I had a new bearing by Jafa installed and it uses
      > lip seals instead of the old Harken with a flax packing gland. I dropped
      > the rudder last winter to clean the roller bearings and it was a snap. One
      > bolt seems to be enough and that is all the boat ever had. The cleaning made
      > a huge improvement. Steering is light as a feather now. The bearing was
      > installed in Barcelona in 2007 so it had gotten kinda dirty over the years.
      > Bill
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      > On May 16, 2013, at 8:07 AM, "Frank Flannery" <fflanner@...> wrote:
      >> So only the upper bearing holds the rudder in the boat?
      >> On 5/15/13, William Stellin <wstellin@...> wrote:
      >> > The bearing is held in place at the top with a bolt that goes through
      >> > the
      >> > upper bearing housing which keeps it from dropping out of the boat. The
      >> > upper bearing structure is bolted to the deck.
      >> > Bill
      >> >
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      >> > On May 15, 2013, at 9:31 PM, "Frank Flannery" <fflanner@...>
      >> > wrote:
      >> >
      >> >> I finally need to replace the lower rudder bearing on our J/40. It
      >> >> turns out our boat was built with a j/120 bearing, but I think that
      >> >> all the replacement bearings are essentially the same, other than
      >> >> size. I am using the jefa bearing, since the size makes it a direct
      >> >> replacement and because it was easiest to get it to Panama.
      >> >>
      >> >> I'm a little confused as to what holds the rudder in the boat. My
      >> >> understanding of the old bearings is that there was a race affixed to
      >> >> the stainless sleeve on the rudder post via set screws, and additional
      >> >> set screws holding the outer race to the hull. The bearing itself was
      >> >> such that the two halves wouldn't come apart.
      >> >>
      >> >> The new bearing just has a sleeve that the roller bearings ride on.
      >> >> That means it doesn't do anything to hold the rudder in the boat. My
      >> >> old top bearing will do that, but I'd like more than one point holding
      >> >> on. Also, if I have to replace the upper bearing, then what?
      >> >>
      >> >> Thanks for any advice.
      >> >>
      >> >> Frank
      >> >>
      >> >

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