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1042Re: [j4x-owners-group] Jefa rudder bearing replacement advice

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  • Frank Flannery
    Oct 10, 2013
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      We are now two weeks away from hauling to do the bearing. I am still
      trying to figure out how to fit the lip seals. It would seem that I
      need to come up with another tube with an inner diameter equal to the
      outer diameter of the lip seal. I see in your writeup that this tube
      looks integral to the bearing. Did Jefa supply this tube with the
      bearing? Mine didn't come with one.


      On 5/16/13, William Stellin <wstellin@...> wrote:
      > Yes at least on my boat. I had a new bearing by Jafa installed and it uses
      > lip seals instead of the old Harken with a flax packing gland. I dropped
      > the rudder last winter to clean the roller bearings and it was a snap. One
      > bolt seems to be enough and that is all the boat ever had. The cleaning made
      > a huge improvement. Steering is light as a feather now. The bearing was
      > installed in Barcelona in 2007 so it had gotten kinda dirty over the years.
      > Bill
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      > On May 16, 2013, at 8:07 AM, "Frank Flannery" <fflanner@...> wrote:
      >> So only the upper bearing holds the rudder in the boat?
      >> On 5/15/13, William Stellin <wstellin@...> wrote:
      >> > The bearing is held in place at the top with a bolt that goes through
      >> > the
      >> > upper bearing housing which keeps it from dropping out of the boat. The
      >> > upper bearing structure is bolted to the deck.
      >> > Bill
      >> >
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      >> >
      >> > On May 15, 2013, at 9:31 PM, "Frank Flannery" <fflanner@...>
      >> > wrote:
      >> >
      >> >> I finally need to replace the lower rudder bearing on our J/40. It
      >> >> turns out our boat was built with a j/120 bearing, but I think that
      >> >> all the replacement bearings are essentially the same, other than
      >> >> size. I am using the jefa bearing, since the size makes it a direct
      >> >> replacement and because it was easiest to get it to Panama.
      >> >>
      >> >> I'm a little confused as to what holds the rudder in the boat. My
      >> >> understanding of the old bearings is that there was a race affixed to
      >> >> the stainless sleeve on the rudder post via set screws, and additional
      >> >> set screws holding the outer race to the hull. The bearing itself was
      >> >> such that the two halves wouldn't come apart.
      >> >>
      >> >> The new bearing just has a sleeve that the roller bearings ride on.
      >> >> That means it doesn't do anything to hold the rudder in the boat. My
      >> >> old top bearing will do that, but I'd like more than one point holding
      >> >> on. Also, if I have to replace the upper bearing, then what?
      >> >>
      >> >> Thanks for any advice.
      >> >>
      >> >> Frank
      >> >>
      >> >
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