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1Welcome to the new J/4X owner's group!

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  • tkeffer
    Oct 13 9:16 AM
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      Hello J/4X enthusiast!

      The purpose of this group is to be a focal point for owners and
      enthusiasts of J/Boats in the "40 something" foot range, generally the
      J/40, J/42 and J/44 boats. The idea is to share information and tips
      on maintaining, rigging, racing and cruising these boats. There is
      probably a lot we can learn from the "Decimeter" boats as well, but to
      keep the group management tasks, well, manageable, I've focused on
      these boats.

      While the group is "invite only" that is mostly to avoid spam. If you
      know someone who is interested, encourage them to ask for an

      You must be a member to post. Again, this is avoid unnecessary spam.

      Hope you enjoy it!

      -Tom Keffer