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906Re: [J28Sailors] New owner questions

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  • John Power
    Jul 30, 2013
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      Check out Doyle sails in Salem  ma.  I have full batten main that was new when I got my boat 3 years ago.  It was 1800 then. Still has great shape

      I just got today a tri radial (quick silver) 135.  It was 1477.  Basic cris cut was 1250. 

      The quality from Doyle is excellent,  call and tal to Chris howes.  He has made several sails for j28 and is very helpful

      Mention how happy I am with my sails

      John Power #24

      On my boat over the tiller hole I have a screw in inspection port
      You will get water in rudder due to condensation 
      I trie drilling a drain hole but that rudder is really over built, I vacuum me out the pint or two of water with a shop vac before winter freeze.  Inspection. Power is cheap

      Mast boot, I boat one from west, cut it to fit and secure with bige hose clamps and cover with sail or elec tape.   I get no leaks around mast

      Good luck.  The 28 is an Awesome boat.  Nothing this size can compare ESP for the price


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      On Jul 30, 2013, at 8:48 AM, propeslarry <propeslarry@...> wrote:


      What do you recommend to keep water out of the seat well where you would attach the emergency tiller. Seems like previous owner had some kind of caulking ( now gone bad) but I would think that you would want to be able to easily access that area if and when needed so I am not sure about caulk and , if caulk, what kind.

      Also looking to replace 155 furling genoa and main( racer/cruiser) on inland lake. Any suggestions as to sail makers recommended , best type of main for this boat (currently have a full batten) and costs to expect.

      Also need to replace the deck, mast seal. Any suggestions. A lot of stuff to fix , replace on any boat, especially a neglected one.

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