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882Re: [J28Sailors] Shower pump

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  • Jeff Keen
    Jul 7, 2013
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      You may want to check your accumulator tank, if you have one. Mine was broken and it caused a similar situation - pressurized water just flowed into the bilge. I replaced my old water pump with a variable speed model, which eliminated the need for an accumulator tank.


      On Sunday, July 7, 2013, wrote:

      Sounds like one of the connections between the pressure pump and the sinks failed.

      My boat had the HW heater removed when I bought it.  I just replaced the pressure pump and am thinking about replacing all of the plumbing as it all pretty old (even though I sanitize, I dont drink the water lol) I use it strictly for washing up and flushing the head..never flush your head with sea water...) Anyhow, in the course of the project, I realized there is about a mile of hoses in this system..it 'Ts" at the tank to go to the foot pump and aft, and again 
      on the return from the HW heater or CW line to go to the head or galley....If you saw the original manual that came with boat, you will quickly see that the plumbing is more complicated.  I suspect you could have had a 
      hose clamp come loose at any of these junctions and that would cause your problem. I am just surprised that you did not here the pressure pump continue to run.

      If the pump was not running, i would think you have a leak at the tank. Also if you overfill the tank, the overflow will go directly into the bildge. but the automatic pump should take care of things.

      I get pretty good, but not great pressure in my system, so I suspect that I may have a loose hose somewhere in the system. 

      The only thing stopping me from working on it now, is that fact that it is so "easy to access'  lol . I spent enough time last winter contorted in the hangin locker and foward cabin, head, and galley storage spaces fixing my deck, 
      that I think I need to leave thsi project till the off season!

      Good Luck

      On Jul 7, 2013, at 5:05 PM, drabin76 wrote:


      Interesting experience this weekend. Filled up the water tank before heading out for a long cruise. Turned the water pressure pump on when we got to port and instead of pressurizing the water for the sinks, it pumped water straight to the bilge until the tank was empty (glad I fixed the float switch wiring). Haven't had a chance to diagnose the problem and I thought I'd check with the group before I dive in just in case anyone has seen this before.



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