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[j-ball] Darkness

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  • Michael Westbay
    While I was out killing my shoulder carrying a shrine around the island (Nojima) Saturday night and all day Sunday, the BayStars were hosting Chunichi up in
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      While I was out killing my shoulder carrying a shrine around the island
      (Nojima) Saturday night and all day Sunday, the BayStars were hosting
      Chunichi up in Hokkaido for a two game series. After Yokohama took the
      first game of the head to head matchup between the top two teams,
      Chunichi looked like they were going to take the second game easily,
      leading 9-3 going into the bottom of the 9th. But that's not what

      Chunichi's main setup man, Ochiai, got the final out of the 8th inning.
      That was the only out he managed as, with no outs, 2 runs in (9-5) and
      bases loaded, Hoshino-kantoku went to his closer, Sun, to try to finish
      the game off.

      The move didn't work. Sun said that he had his 50 pitches warm up, but
      with a 6 run lead, he didn't think he was coming in. Ishii brought
      Yokohama to within 3 runs as he took Sun's 2-2 offering to left for a
      timely single. Haru followed with a base hit to center to cut the lead
      by another run. Suzuki, who been hitting well with runner in scoring
      position (when he isn't being pitched around) drew a bases loaded walk
      to make it a 1 run ball game. After Rose struck out for the first out
      of the inning, Komada came up for his second time in the 9th.
      Manrui-otoko grounded the ball to second base, for what should have been
      a game ending double play, but Suzuki must have taken Kuji out as the
      double play was broken up (Nikkan Sports doesn't say how - and Komada's
      too slow to have beat it out). With the broken up double play, Ishii
      crossed the plate for the tying run. What a come back!

      The only real threat after that came in the top of the 12th. With pinch
      runner Torigoe on second, Oto hit a big fly over Haru's head in center.
      But Haru stayed with it and made a spectacular jumping catch to save the
      game. Way to go Haru! (It's Haru's all out hustle on offense and
      especially on defense that makes him one of my favorite BayStars.)

      After 12 innings, the sky started getting dark up at Obihiro Stadium and
      the umpires called the game due to darkness. In the Central League,
      games are generally played to 15 innings before being called, but
      Obihiro Stadium doesn't have any lights. This is the first time in 6
      years that a Central League game has been called early. A Lions' game
      was called due to darkness up in Hokkaido last season.

      In one segment of Nikkan Sports, they asked the question, "Was this a
      win for the front?" Yokohama's front office set a policy this year to
      stay the night on away games where the next day is a travel day rather
      than allow the players to return to their homes for the day off. So far
      this year, the BayStars have come back from large deficits 3 times on
      such occasions. Does not having to worry about train/plane schedules
      allow the players to relax and play ball? That's hard to say. But the
      BayStars weren't packing their bags in the bottom of the 9th yesterday.

      Michael, Margarita, and Jobana Westbay
      Japan Pro Yakyu This Week

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