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[j-ball] Re: All-Star Game voting begins June 1

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  • Michael Westbay
    ... OK, so you beat me to the main announcement, but there s more! Naturally, one can t have an announcement without some accompanying hype. And this year s
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 1999
      Latham-san wrote:

      > This year there will be three Japanese All-Star games in late July. The
      > series is sponsored by Sanyo and fans can vote for their favorite
      > players at Sanyo's web site:
      > http://allstar.sanyo.co.jp/index_e.html

      OK, so you beat me to the main announcement, but there's more!

      Naturally, one can't have an announcement without some accompanying hype.
      And this year's hype is, who else, Matsuzaka. Will this be the year that a
      single player breaks the 100-man (1,000,000) vote barrier? Currently,
      Ichiro holds the title for most votes for the All Star Series at 99-man
      4,933 back in 1995 (the year after he broke the 200 hit barrier).

      Matsuzaka has been a gold mine so far as Seibu is concerned. After
      announcing when Matsuzaka will pitch, tickets for that game are sold in no
      time. Matsuzaka goods alone just about equal revenue for all of Seibu's
      goods sold last season (not up to this point, the whole season). TV
      viewers are changing the channel from NTV (owned by the Yomiuri group) to
      what ever channel makes a quick schedule change to show Matsuzaka's starts.
      With such a boom, 100-man votes is a shoe in, right?

      Well, it may not be as simple as it looks. There are a lot more pitchers
      to chose from than for other positions, and one may only chose one.
      (Ichiro had the advantage of being an outfielder, where one may chose three
      from the field.) The record for most votes for a pitcher is currently held
      by Yokohama's Sasaki at 32-man 6,096 votes back in 1995. That's hardly a
      third of what Ichiro got.

      Here are the vote tallies for the past four years:

      Year Ichiro Central Pitcher Pacific Pitcher Valid votes
      1995 994,933 Sasaki (YBS) 326,096 Irabu (CLM) 236,386 2,216,003
      1996 865,086 M.Saitoh (YG) 181,084 Nishizaki (NHF) 182,463 2,345,386
      1997 825,950 Kuwata (YG) 218,955 Kudoh (FDH) 238,748 2,428,073
      1998 660,833 Kawakami (CD) 250,991 Ohtsuka (KB) 241,010 2,518,602

      Even though the total number of votes has been increasing, it's been very
      difficult for any one pitcher to dominate the voting the way Ichiro has

      Other useful information:

      * Game 1 will be held at Seibu Dome on July 24 at 6:35 pm.
      * Game 2 will be held at Koshien Stadium on July 25 at 6:35 pm.
      * Game 3 will be held at Kurashiki Mascat Stadium on July 27 at 6:40 pm.

      Furthermore, since I'm finally getting my cable connection at home again
      (scheduled this Friday), I'll be typing up a play by play live as I watch
      the games. (Please note, I may not get home in time for the first couple
      of innings, but I'll try my best.) I'll post a URL after I've finished
      preparations (and a little closer to the game dates).

      Michael Westbay


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