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Re: [j-ball] Attn: j-ballers - time to pack up and go

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    Thank you, Rod. I am sure many of us will wander on over. I know I will. -- Best Regards, Ed Mortimer ... From: Rod Nelson
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 9, 2007
      Thank you, Rod. I am sure many of us will wander on over. I know I will.

      Best Regards,
      Ed Mortimer

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      From: "Rod Nelson" <rnelson@...>
      > It's long been readily apparent that the listowner of this discussion group
      > has abandoned ship and list administration is running on autopilot, making
      > all of us targets for spammers. Unfortunately, it's a lost cause.
      > On behalf of Rob Fitts of http://www.robsjapanesecards.comm the chairman of
      > Asian Baseball Committee for the Society of American Baseball Research
      > (SABR), we encourage all legitimate subscribers to this forum with an active
      > interest in the subject to join our fledgling online discussion list.
      > Typically, our forums are restricted to current members of the organization,
      > but as listowner, I've decided to grant provisional subscriptions to
      > non-members for ninety days in the hope that you'll consider SABR
      > membership.
      > To join, visit http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/SABRasianbaseball/ and
      > click on JOIN THIS GROUP and please give your full name and city in your
      > online subscription request.
      > Besides this one particular online forum, there are numerous benefits for
      > 2007 members, including four publications (The Baseball Research Journal,
      > The National Pastime, the SABR Book of Lists and the SABR37 convention
      > publication on St. Louis Baseball History), twenty four topical research
      > committees (Asian Baseball being one) and over fifty regional chapters
      > worldwide, including one in Tokyo. For more info, please visit our website
      > or contact me offlist.
      > Hello SABRasianbaseball. Goodbye j-ball and spammers.
      > Rod Nelson
      > Research Services Manager
      > www.sabr.org
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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