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Baseball Strength Training Information

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    get ready for a complete transformation in your training style which will lead to a complete transformation in your baseball potential! With the all of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
      get ready for a complete transformation in your training style which
      will lead to a complete transformation in your baseball potential!
      With the all of the hype surrounding ¡°sport specific¡± training over
      the past few years, training has actually become less and less sport
      ¡°specific¡± and more sport ¡°generalized.¡± You can go to any
      ¡°expert¡± and find baseball players training alongside football
      players and volleyball players! The intricacies of the game of
      baseball are thrown out in favor of better scores on irrelevant tests
      such as the bench press, squat, and 40 yd. dash.
      No need for an expensive gym membership or unbearably large home gym
      equipment. You will learn how to put together your own baseball
      player factory in the corner of a garage for under $100.
      Don¡¯t think it¡¯s possible? When we travel to train our ball players
      we fit all of our equipment in the trunk of our cars ¨C with room to
      spare! Remember, strength and conditioning equipment doesn¡¯t have to
      be big and fancy to be effective¡­ it just has to be effective.
      Not only will you learn how to shop for the right equipment, you will
      learn how to build some of the more expensive items yourself for less
      then 10% of the retail values. That savings in itself will more then
      pay for the value of this manual!
      If you are already in the best shape that you can be in this manual
      is not for you. However, if you need to improve in just one area of
      your physical ability, you need to read this!
      Do you throw hard enough from the mound or could you use a little bit
      more zip on your fastball? Does the opposing team take advantage of
      your arm from the outfield to take an extra base? What happens to
      your velocity and accurace after 70 pitches? You will learn the
      secrets to improving your arm strength for your position.
      Is your bat speed up to par? Do you have to start your swing before
      you have identified the pitch? With a handful of key drills you will
      be able to wait longer on each pitch before deciding if you want to
      swing at it!
      Can you take the extra base at will? Do you struggle to stretch a
      double into a triple? Are you hesitant to steal second because you
      don¡¯t know how to get a good jump? Well, don¡¯t worry about good
      jumps, because you will learn the secrets of getting great jumps! Not
      only will you learn how to reach top speed instantly, you will learn
      how to maintain that top speed all the way around the bases!
      Hot shots get by you on the infield? Do you need one extra step to
      run down fly balls in the outfield? Learn the techniques necessary to
      get amazing reaction and first step quickness!
      Once you learn the secrets contained in this manual everyone will
      stand up and take notice! Your training system will be the most
      efficient and effect system in your weight room. While others are
      wasting their time in the weight room on outdated methods, you can
      take your newly developed strength and conditioning level out to the
      diamond and work on your skills to make you an even more advanced
      ball player!
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