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Tokyo Chapter SABR Meeting

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  • rockymtnsabr
    Hello.. I m a first-time poster, long-time lurker... I find this dialogue very engaging. Here s an announcement that I hope you ll find of interest.. I d
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18 6:45 PM
      Hello.. I'm a first-time poster, long-time lurker...

      I find this dialogue very engaging. Here's an announcement that I
      hope you'll find of interest.. I'd encourage all on the list to
      consider SABR membership and linking up with many like-minded j-ball
      aficianados on both sides of the Pacific.

      For more info: please visit www.sabr.org

      Rod Nelson / Denver
      Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 13:08:20 +0900
      From: Yoichi Nagata <yyna@...>
      Subject: Tokyo Chapter meeting

      The Tokyo Chapter will hold its Summer Meeting.

      when: Saturday, August 24 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

      where: Keio University, Mita Campus
      Conference Room A, Shin-Kenkyuto Bldg

      Nearby Train Stations:
      Tamachi Station on JR Yamate/Keihin-Tohoku Lines
      Mita Station on Toei Subway Asakusa/Mita Lines
      Akabanebashi Station on Toei Subway Oedo Line

      (1)Two research presentations:

      Takao Hanyu "Stranded Women's Baseball: The 1925 Philadelphia
      Bobbies' Japan Tour" (The Bobbies tour is still a mystery to Japanese
      and American researchers.) Takao is a captive of this alluring topic.

      Makio Mukai "The Science of Ichiro"
      Makio says, "Ichiro led the American League in batting average in
      2001. However, Ichiro did not get a good grade in other fields, for
      example, 14th in OBP or 39th in SLG. Such a low-rank batter in OBP
      or SLG can not usually win the batting champion in MLB. I will
      discuss the uniqueness and limitation of Ichiro comparing him with
      batting champions in MLB history."

      (2)Book Talk:
      Junkichi Harigaya will speak on his latest book, "Kankyu Jizai."

      Following the meeting, we have dinner together at a restaurant in the
      Mita area.

      For more info, please contact Isao Chiba(gorby@...),
      Toyoaki Hiruma(hiruma@...), or Yoichi Nagata

      Yoichi "Miso Soup" Nagata
      Tokyo Chapter
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