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Re: [j-ball] Re: Is Nagashima's Head Really on the Chopping Block?

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  • Michael Westbay
    ... before ... My poor writing skills. It was Lasorta who had a heart attack or stroke that sent him from the Dodgers bench after being there as long as I
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2001
      To my poor description:

      >> Actually, it goes back a little farther than that. Just about a week
      >> his managerial career ending heart attack (or was it a stroke?), Watanabe
      >> declared Nagashima to be the Giants' "manager for life - like the Dodgers'
      >> Tommy Lasorta."

      adeebros-san wrote:

      > When did Nagashima have a heart attack? I don't remember reading
      > anything about it.

      My poor writing skills. It was Lasorta who had a heart attack or stroke that
      sent him from the Dodgers' bench after being there as long as I can remember.

      > I don't like Nagashima or the GM. Their style of hogging sluggers and
      > pitchers is killing the excitement of the league. All the way back
      > from Ochiai Hiromitsu to Etoh, Nagashima just likes to hog hog hog.
      > If it wasn't for him, we would see a balanced central league with
      > everyone having a chance to win.

      Many feel that way. It's what drove me away from the Giants. Yet it was a
      comment at:


      that made me realize that there is no shame in liking Nagashima-kantoku. And
      I do like him, regardless - or perhaps because of - his many eccentricies.
      He's one of the most entertaining personalities in the game.

      And I don't think that it's him that likes to "hog hog hog." It's a
      combination of the fact that the Giants have the money and the draw to get
      the best players. Like Microsoft, they buy out the competition until they
      have a monopoly, using their media empire as Microsoft used unfair OCM
      contracts to push their wares. (I work in the software industry, and many
      colleagues have compared liking the Giants to liking Microsoft, so this isn't
      an original view point.)

      Nonetheless, Nagashima will talk with players who are thinking of joining the
      Giants. That's part of his job, and it does help influence players a great
      deal in wanting to join (despite what many think about his managerial
      skills). He's a living legend, a figure head of what was once great about
      the game, an icon to nostalgia. But I have a hard time picturing him as

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