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1483Sasaki Makes a Pitch for the Playoffs

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  • aladdinsane
    Oct 1, 2000
      With Oakland beating Texas 3-0 and therefore taking the American League Western Division
      crown, Sasaki comes in the bottom of the eighth with one out after the Angels' Garret Anderson
      doubled to right. This isn't going to be easy, as the very first hitter Sasaki will face is AL home run
      champion Troy Glaus. If Sasaki can save it, they will win a wild card berth It is 80 degrees in Anaheim and
      the ball, as it always does during the day, is carrying well. Sasaki can also attain a new rookie
      saves record if he gets what would be his 37th of the season:

      Troy Glaus: Fastball (fouled off), splitter (strike called), splitter (just missed!, ball), splitter (grounded

      foul), splitter (swing and a miss, strike three!).

      Bengie Molina: Fastball (fouled off), splitter (grounded up the middle, McLemore picks it up and
      throws him out, inning over!) Note: Molina and Sasaki are two of the leading candidates for Rookie
      of the Year, as the young Angel catcher has done a brilliant job, hitting better than .280 with 14
      dingers and has proved to be a very good defensively.

      Now to the Ninth:

      Adam Kennedy: Fastball (outside, ball), fastball (flies to center).

      Orlando Palmeiro: Fastball (up and outside, ball), fastball (outside, ball), fastball (high, ball), fastball
      (at the knees, strike), fastball (high, ball four).

      Darin Erstad (leading the AL in hits, is seeking to be the first player to get 241 hits in 70 years here
      He is also the first leadoff man to ever get 100 RBIs in a season): Fastball (strike), Palmeiro steals
      second. splitter (wicked, Erstad barely gets a piece to foul it off), splitter (chopped to short, A-Rod
      throws him out).

      Ron Gant (25 homers this season), Fastball (low, ball), fastball (low, ball), fastball (pops it up! A-Rod
      calls for it, he's got it! The Mariners are in the playoffs! And the Cleveland Indians will have to buy
      a ticket to go to the playoffs. Omedetou!

      Note: The announcers said that Sasaski is trying to learn English by watching ESPN. Pretty funny.
      Would love to hear him say "Boo-ya!" *lol