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  • Fred Cohen
    February 28, 2001 Activists target bank s Web site in animal rights protest Hacktivists have targeted the Web site of a US investment bank which saved a
    Message 1 of 253 , Mar 1, 2001
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      February 28, 2001

      Activists target bank's Web site in animal rights protest
      Hacktivists have targeted the Web site of a US
      investment bank which saved a controversial drug
      testing company from liquidation with an attack
      designed to make its site unavailable. The Web
      site of investment bank Stephens, which provides
      finance for Huntingdon Life Sciences, was
      yesterday subject to an attempted "virtual
      sit-in" by cyberactivists using a hacking tool
      called Floodnet.

      Long-awaited security report released
      The Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office this
      week released President Clinton's report to Congress
      on the status of federal efforts to secure the
      information systems that support the nation's
      critical infrastructure. The 209-page report,
      mandated under the fiscal 2001 Defense Authorization
      Act, details all of the work coordinated through the
      CIAO and the National Security Council over the past
      three years on critical infrastructure protection (CIP).

      WolfPack project moving forward
      Proposals are due in mid-March for the Defense
      Department's $40 million WolfPack program, an
      effort to develop advanced electronic warfare
      capabilities. The Defense Advanced Research
      Projects Agency recently released two
      solicitations for the WolfPack program, which
      is aimed at "developing technologies that will
      enable radio frequency spectrum dominance against
      advanced communications and radar systems in the
      tactical battlespace," according to a Feb. 26
      DARPA announcement.

      Bush Proposes Funds For E-Government, Computer Security
      Trillion-dollar tax cut notwithstanding, President
      Bush recommends hiking federal spending for
      e-government and computer security initiatives in
      his proposed budget, released by the White House
      earlier today. In addition to maintaining support
      for Firstgov.gov, the federal government's recently
      launched information portal, Bush proposes that
      Congress aside $10 million in 2002 to fund an
      interagency e-government initiative to be overseen
      by the General Services Administration (GSA).

      Port of Helsinki loses domain name decision
      WIPO goes against earlier rulings on geographic
      domain names, saying trademarks do not
      necessarily apply The port authority of the
      City of Helsinki has failed in its bid to win
      the domain name portofhelsinki.com from a
      shipping business, based on the argument that
      the domain refers to a geographic location
      rather than a specific entity. The decision,
      reached this week by the World Intellectual
      Property Organisation's (WIPO) Arbitration and
      Mediation Centre, goes against the grain of some
      of WIPO's earlier precedents, such as awarding
      Barcelona.com to the City of Barcelona.

      Active Directory fix to require significant upgrade
      A KEY SECURITY flaw in Microsoft's Active
      Directory pointed out more than 12 months ago
      by early adopters won't be patched for nearly
      another year. What's more, enterprise users will
      have to upgrade all their directory servers, known
      as domain controllers, to the forthcoming "Whistler"
      version of Windows 2000 to activate the patch.
      Observers say the security flaw, which can cause
      changes to user groups to be dropped before being
      recorded, tops the list of issues that need to be
      addressed in Active Directory.
    • Glenn Williamson
      Fred and all, I understand the need for information as it relates to IWAR, but I do not see how a story that pertains to billions of burgers served at
      Message 253 of 253 , Sep 7, 2001
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        Fred and all,

        I understand the need for information as it relates to IWAR, but I do not
        see how a story that pertains to billions of burgers served at
        establishments throughout the world involves IWAR. I may be wrong, but what
        one perceives as IWAR now encompasses burger joints and how they get their
        product to market. I am not in agreement with certain companies and the way
        they conduct business, but does it relate to IWAR, unless by generating this
        information across communication channels, one considers it Information
        Warfare and gaining support for Anti-McDonald's Day.

        Ok, that was my 2 cents, I will not say they are right, no offence to
        Mcd's but there will always be people who protest. Does it = IWAR or
        Information Propaganda.

        Glenn Williamson

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