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UK Honours probe - Police hacked No10 Downing Street Computers

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  • myanalit
    IMO - It is unclear if the act was unauthorized remote computer access using a computer and compromised login credentials(A hack) or not. Press
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2007
      IMO - It is unclear if the act was "unauthorized remote computer
      access using a computer and compromised login credentials(A hack)" or
      not. Press sensationalization is going on here.

      Ironically, the conventional belief (right or wrong) is that the
      government (the state intelligence service - e.g. MI5, former-KGB,
      CIA, BDN, DGSE, etc.) hacks into the data assets of constituents, not
      the police hacking into government computers to gather evidence
      against seated majority party members.

      All confunding issues aside, the new is still interesting.


      Honours probe police hacked No10 computers

      By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter and Patrick Hennessy, Political
      Editor, Sunday Telegraph
      Last Updated: 12:36am GMT 22/01/2007

      Legal experts say that high-level authorisation — similar to the
      granting of a search warrant — is needed for remote accessing of
      computers. Neither Scotland Yard nor the Home Office would confirm
      that such permission had been given in the cash-for-honours case, but
      there is no suggestion that any officer acted illegally or improperly.

      The investigators did not have to notify No 10 if they were "hacking"
      into its system. One legal expert said: "In some cases, a senior
      officer can give permission. In other cases, you might need the
      authorisation of an independent commissioner, who is usually a retired
      judge appointed by the Home Office."
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