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[NewsBits] August 30, 2001 (fwd)

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  • Fred Cohen
    U.S. report: Code Red computer worm born in China The ``Code Red computer worm, which caused $2.4 billion in estimated cleanup costs on Internet- linked
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      U.S. report: Code Red computer worm born in China The ``Code Red''
      computer worm, which caused $2.4 billion in estimated cleanup costs on
      Internet- linked computers last month, seems to have been born at a
      university in China's southern Guangdong province, according to the
      nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress. ``The worm is believed to
      have started at a university in Guangdong, China,'' Keith Rhodes, chief
      technologist at the General Accounting Office, said in written testimony
      Wednesday before a House Government Reform subcommittee.

      Pentagon gives go-ahead to Grid The Pentagon has approved the Global
      Information Grid architecture, a worldwide architecture for providing
      data to military forces around the world from regional commanders to
      soldiers on the front lines, the acting Defense Department deputy chief
      information officer said. That architecture will provide the first
      slice of an integrated DOD enterprise information technology
      architecture, Margaret Myers said Aug. 29 during a breakfast forum
      sponsored by Federal Sources Inc., McLean, Va.

      Air Force to test biometric security The Air Force will soon begin
      testing three types of biometric applications for greater security in
      daily operations, with partial funding from the Defense Department.
      Frankie Sorrell, the Air Force biometrics program manager, said the 16th
      Air Force in Aviano, Italy, and the Air Intelligence Agency and the
      Cryptologic Systems Group, both in San Antonio, are taking what she
      called a "quick look" at the systems.

      Protesters declare war on copyright law Supporters backing Dmitry
      Sklyarov, the Russian programmer accused of five counts of copyright
      infringement, declared war on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act at a
      fund-raiser for Sklyarov's legal defense on Wednesday. "This is a war
      being waged by copyright interests who see each opportunity on the
      Internet as an opportunity to change the meaning of copyright law," said
      Lawrence Lessig, director of Stanford University's Center for Internet
      and Society and author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.

      No Big Change Needed In Digital Copyright Law - Feds
      Keep Digital Copyright Law Intact, Agency Says

      U.S. plans to help thwart China's Web censors The United States is
      planning to finance the spread of new computer technology designed to
      help Chinese Web surfers dodge their government's efforts to censor the
      Internet, architects of the plan said Thursday. The high-tech U.S.
      reply to Web site blocking by Beijing is being led by the same U.S.
      agencies that poured billions into piercing the Iron Curtain with Cold
      War radio broadcasts.
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