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788Re: [iwar] The Middle East InfoWar Conflict - Update

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  • Fred Cohen
    Dec 8, 2000
      Per the message sent by Ozair:

      > Good comments, but just one thing though. It seems to be lopsided against
      > Palestinians, calling them terrorists on Electronic frontier, we have to
      > remember that the internet is a place where a 14 year old kid has the same
      > tools as 40 year man, and perhaps more free time and a lot more know-how,
      > this means that tools and power is un-balanced. In a world outside the
      > cyberspace we see a different story where 14 yr old kid is puny as compared
      > to the 40 yr old. And if 40 yr old can over power the 14 yr old due to
      > physical prowess and can destabilize him economically but in cyber space
      > things are evened out.

      I don't think that the site takes that point of view - it only provides
      stories written about the issues by other parties and commentary on the
      overall situation. It also contains copies of Palestinean viewpoints in
      larger volume than those of Israeli viewpoints. But the best thing you
      could do to present a different viewpoint would be to provide those
      views, which I will put on the site.

      > In a programme on BBC on this very same topic pointed out that the cyber
      > attacks are of equal match and frequency in the ME war.

      Excellent point.

      > Besides, we have to realize that Palestinians have very small (it may be
      > right to call none) number of commercial sites while the Isrealees have
      > many, making the susceptible to attacks. Therefore the number of hits on
      > Israeli sites are many.

      I think that in the conflict itself, the Palestinians are doing far more
      damage to the Israelis than the other way around - for exactly the resons
      you point out - when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

      > These were my two bits,
      > Ozair

      I would welcome an article -or periodic feeds from you and others to add
      to the site.

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