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786RE: [iwar] The Middle East InfoWar Conflict - Update

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  • Ozair
    Dec 8, 2000
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      Good comments, but just one thing though. It seems to be lopsided against
      Palestinians, calling them terrorists on Electronic frontier, we have to
      remember that the internet is a place where a 14 year old kid has the same
      tools as 40 year man, and perhaps more free time and a lot more know-how,
      this means that tools and power is un-balanced. In a world outside the
      cyberspace we see a different story where 14 yr old kid is puny as compared
      to the 40 yr old. And if 40 yr old can over power the 14 yr old due to
      physical prowess and can destabilize him economically but in cyber space
      things are evened out.

      In a programme on BBC on this very same topic pointed out that the cyber
      attacks are of equal match and frequency in the ME war.

      Besides, we have to realize that Palestinians have very small (it may be
      right to call none) number of commercial sites while the Isrealees have
      many, making the susceptible to attacks. Therefore the number of hits on
      Israeli sites are many.

      These were my two bits,

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      Per the message sent by Ozair:

      > Everyone,

      > Is anyone analyzing the frequency, type of attack, magnitude, motive, and
      > the type of target behind so called information warfare attacks.

      You might want to read the roll-up information on the all.net web site to
      get more clarity on this. (http://all.net/ => Mid-East InfoWar)

      The motives have been declared - at least in the case of the
      Palestinians - through doctrine, through publicaitons that indicate it
      is essentially economic warfare, through claims of asymetric advantage
      in thiis venue, through published targeting informaiton, and through
      several publications indicative of intent. This has been declared by
      the Palestinian authority, so it is their official policy at some level.

      > I am still
      > not willing to call these pranks as information warfare, had it been
      > confirmed that these are well coordinated and are moving towards a
      > objective then they would be rightly called so.

      The question of whether it is information warfare or information
      terrorism seems, to me, to be moot. If you take the strict US-centric
      view that terrorist groups are those groups listed on the State
      Department's list and that any information operation practiced by those
      groups is terrorism, then this is information terrorism (on the
      Palestinian side). On the israeli side, it doe snot seem to be official
      government policy, but on the other hand, they don't seem to be trying
      to stop Israeli citizens from participating in it. On that side, it
      could be called information warfare, but the state link is not so clear.

      > But picking up stragglers
      > and sites apparently of no value seems hardly worth the news on this

      This is not what is hapenning in this case - at least that's not what
      the evidence seems to show.

      > Ozair

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