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783RE: [iwar] The Middle East InfoWar Conflict - Update

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  • Rob Rosenberger
    Dec 8, 2000
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      I don't keep stats on 14yr-old wannabee hackers like iDefense does, but I
      can offer this tactical definition:

      "CYBER-WAR: one or more trivial hacks [attempted or successful] rationalized
      as a 'just cause' by a 14yr-old who joined his countrymen's war effort on a
      whim (after finishing the second shift at Taco Bell), with no fear of
      wartime reprisals for his actions, e.g. getting killed or maimed or taken
      prisoner, and for which he can gain valuable mainstream media exposure as a
      patriot; sometimes used as a precursor to run for public office."

      Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths.com editor
      Truth about computer virus myths & hoaxes

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      Is anyone analyzing the frequency, type of attack, magnitude, motive, and
      the type of target behind so called information warfare attacks. I am still
      not willing to call these pranks as information warfare, had it been
      confirmed that these are well coordinated and are moving towards a definite
      objective then they would be rightly called so. But picking up stragglers
      and sites apparently of no value seems hardly worth the news on this group.

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