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(CA) Real men drink chai

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    You know that times are changing when you ask your daughter s boyfriend what he d like to drink and he replies A soy chai latté. In fact, when I started
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
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      You know that times are changing when you ask your daughter's
      boyfriend what he'd like to drink and he replies "A soy chai latté."
      In fact, when I started writing this column, Stefan said he would go
      on record as a construction and oilrig worker from Fort MacMurray, and
      former bouncer, who now drinks soy chai lattés.

      I am accustomed to women being interested in and downright
      enthusiastic about health-promoting foods and beverages. In droves,
      females avoid alcohol and animal products, know the latest about
      transfats, and keep nutrition books handy as their favourite reading
      material. But men? Surveys indicate that about one-third of
      vegetarians are male. Yet for many of us, the "real man" stereotype
      includes the image of a gun rack in his half-ton truck, drinking
      coffee until noon, followed by beer or whisky for the remainder of the
      day, and when asked what he'd like to eat, he selects from the short
      list of chicken, pork, or beef, with nary a mention of a vegetable.
      Has there been a significant shift over the last decade? Are men's
      perspectives on diet undergoing a transformation? Has the interest in
      nutrition, on the part of women and some men, caught on and spread?
      Are all of those teenagers that suddenly insist on being vegetarian
      creating a ripple effect? Are a great many of us affected by the
      heartbreaking evidence of the deaths of loved ones, from cancer and
      heart disease, deaths that are clearly related to diet and lifestyle
      choices? Are the occasional documentaries that we see on mainstream
      television about the environmental damage and animal cruelty implicit
      in factory farming having an impact?

      Readers, I'd like to hear your stories and your views on this topic.
      Are you seeing similar changes as well? Please email

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