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The vegetarian movement in Russia 104th anniversary

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    Hello ivu-veg-news, The vegetarian movement in Russia 104th anniversary On December 01, 2005 the 104th anniversary of the vegetarian movement in Russia was
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      Hello ivu-veg-news,

      The vegetarian movement in Russia 104th anniversary

      On December 01, 2005 the 104th anniversary of the vegetarian movement in Russia was celebrated. On the 1st of December 104 years ago in Saint-Petersburg the first vegetarian society has been set up. .
      The vegetarianism appeared in Russia in 14th century. The famous Russian saints; Sergiy Radonezhskiy, Seraphim Sarovskiy, Epiphaniy the Wise - in their sermons persuaded the orthodoxies that the true belief in God was incompatible with eating of meat and called them to follow Lenten mode of life. The majority of Russians observed the fasts (over 200 days per year) and kept to Lenten fare. The representatives of many religious communities; old believers, Adventists etc. were passionate adherents of the vegetarianism. In the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century Lev Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer and philosopher made a great contribution in the development of the vegetarian concept and its introduction in the common life. He trusted that the vegetarianism was very useful from the moral, ethical, medical and economical point of view.
      In April 1913 in Moscow there took place the 1st All-Russia Vegetarian Congress. By that time the vegetarian societies of Russia carried out many activities - they had opened cafes and restaurants in 24 cities of Russia, founded vegetarian hospitals, published vegetarian newspapers and magazines etc. The vegetarianism was widely spread in the country. Among vegetarians were the writers Bunin and Leskov, the composer Skryabin, the painter Levitan, the scientist Rerikh, the academician Nesmeyanov and other famous people. The famous Russian wrestler Ivan Poddubny also followed the vegetarian diet.
      The revolution of 1917 has stopped the development of the vegetarianism in Russia. The Soviet State authorities considered the vegetarianism as a pseudoscientific theory that reflected the bourgeois ideology and therefore harmed to Soviet people. In 1929 the last vegetarian society in Moscow was closed. The communist leaders scorned the principle idea of the vegetarianism; non-violence, spirit of independence, love to all the living and freedom of thinking. The leaders of the vegetarian societies were persecuted, many of them; arrested and sentenced.
      The Big Soviet Encyclopedia (1961) commented: "The vegetarianism is based on false hypothesis and ideas and has no followers in the Soviet Union!" The word "vegetarian" was taken away from the dictionaries of the Russian language.
      In 1989 at the time of perestroika in the USSR on initiative of Y.S. Nikolaev, Doctor of medicine, T.N. Pavlova (Center of esthetical attitude towards animals) and I.L. Medkova (Medical Vegetarian Center) at the Ecological Fund of the Soviet Union there was established a vegetarian society (since 1992; the Interregional Public Organization " Society"). The Vegetarian Society is headed by T.N. Pavlova.
      Now in Russia some vegetarian societies are created. It - independent, noncommercial associations for distribution of healthy style of life. The activity of the members of these societies was aimed, supporting and developing principles vegetarianism.
      The vegetarians of Russia wish by all health, happiness and love!

      President of the EURASIAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY N. A. Kalanov -


      EURASIAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY - http://www/.vege.ru

      Best regards,
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