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China's dietary habits prompt SARS, safety concerns

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    BEIJING - Sherry Xia wants to start a revolution in China. The vegetarian restaurant owner frets over the Chinese culture s obsessive appetite for eating meat
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      BEIJING - Sherry Xia wants to start a revolution in China.

      The vegetarian restaurant owner frets over the Chinese culture's
      obsessive appetite for eating meat and animal organs, including wild and
      even endangered creatures.

      The former lawyer winces at the scorpions -- stingers still attached --
      silkworms and sparrow chicks on-a-stick served up as snacks at street
      stalls, the snakehead soup, peacocks and badgers offered on restaurant

      Then there are the more domesticated but, to her, still distasteful
      dishes, from dog and pigeon to pork lungs and solidified duck blood.

      Xia wants to see her countrymen eat less meat and animal organs and
      concentrate on a healthier vegetarian diet.
      A study by the China Wild Animal Protection Association found that
      scores of species of wild animals are used in Chinese cooking, including
      many that the government has declared as endangered and in need of

      full story:

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