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(US) Fw: Help Write-In Campaign to Oprah for Neil Barnard, PCRM

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  • John Davis
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      Subject: Help Write-In Campaign to Oprah for Neil Barnard, PCRM

      > For some reason I can't post to the list. Would you post this please?
      > Help Write-In Campaign to Oprah for Neil Barnard, PCRM
      > Please go to Oprah's site and recommend Dr. Barnard for a future show and
      forward this alert widely!
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Inspired by one of our PCRM summer interns and a loyal supporter, I've
      decided to start our very own Dr. Neal Barnard Write-In Campaign--not to
      nominate him for president, but better yet--to be a guest on Oprah!
      > We all know it's time Neal was invited on Oprah to talk about his
      nutrition work. His new book "Breaking the Food Seduction" is getting a
      fabulous reception around the country and the topic of food addiction
      couldn't be any hotter right now.
      > But because getting on Oprah is almost as hard as winning the presidency,
      I need everyone's help.
      > The next time you're talking to a friend, colleague, patient, or veggie
      activist who's raving about Neal's books, or work in the nutrition arena,
      please ask them to visit Oprah's website and send in a quick email
      suggesting Neal as a guest. There's a special form to fill out on the
      Website for this very thing:
      > http://www.oprah.com/email/reach/email_showideas.jhtml
      > All they would need to say is that they heard him speak or read his book
      or saw him on the news somewhere and think he'd be perfect for Oprah...or
      tell how his work has helped them in their own lives or those of their
      > And the next time you meet someone who lost a lot of weight by following
      Neal's books, or was able to overcome another health problem, please
      encourage them to tell their story at:
      > https://www.oprah.com/plugger/templates/BeOnTheShow.jhtml?
      > (note: you'll have to cut and paste this address into a single line in
      your browser.)
      > Oprah's always looking for weight-loss success stories to come on the
      > Thanks!!
      > Simon
      > Ms. Simon Chaitowitz, Communications Director
      > Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
      > 5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Suite 400
      > Washington, D.C. 20016, U.S.A.
      > 202-686-2210, ext. 309; simonc@... (pcrm.org)
      > http://www.pcrm.org
      > Enid Breakstone, Founder and Executive Director
      > The Queenie Foundation, Inc.
      > Animal protection through education
      > Dallas, TX
      > 214.328.3332
      > www.TheQueenieFoundation.nhfind.com
      > www.geocities.com/queeniefound
      > Ask about our National Homeless Animals' Day Candlelight Vigil on
      Saturday, August 16, 2003
      > The Queenie Foundation educates the public and supports the animal
      protection movement with love, respect and honor to create planetary
      compassion for life.
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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