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A Beautiful Vigil was Held for the Berkeley Hens: "We Will Not Forget You."

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    United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/ 28 May 2014 A Beautiful Vigil was Held for the Berkeley Hens: We Will Not Forget You. UPC Projects
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      United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/
      28 May 2014

      A Beautiful Vigil was Held for the Berkeley Hens:

      "We Will Not Forget You."

      UPC Projects Manager Hope Bohanec on Yesterday's Vigil at the Urban Adamah
      Community Center in Berkeley, California; Request for Action & Memorial
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      We had about 20 activists come and I'm really glad that we were there during the
      community center's volunteer time because we were able to have good
      conversations with about 5 volunteers as they were walking and driving in. Two
      were very sympathetic, and one said she would voice her opinion that she feels
      the community center should not slaughter animals anymore. Quite the opposite of
      what executive director Adam Berman said - that no one from "inside" Urban
      Adamah was opposed to the slaughter.

      Adam drove in and saw us outside, including the sign that said, "Adam Lied and
      the Hens Died." This statement referred to the fact that while Adam Berman had
      assured me on May 20 that the hens were still alive, and had suggested they
      might yet be permitted to go to a sanctuary, he knew as he spoke that eight of
      the hens had already been killed on May 14 and that the seven survivors were
      slaughtered on May 20. For the story of this cruelty and betrayal, see Urban
      Adamah Kills Fifteen Hens: Animal Advocates Offered to Transport the Hens to

      During the Vigil, three of us walked up to the front door and asked if we could
      talk to Adam. A young man told us to get off the property, and when we didn't
      and continued to try to talk to him and ask him to get Adam, he called the
      police. We stood there for a few minutes more and tried to get Adam to come out,
      but he didn't, so we just walked back out to the street. The police never came.

      After about an hour, we noticed that all the community center volunteers were
      now in the garden/farm around the side. So we walked around to the side close to
      them at the fence and started chanting, "Compassion, Love, Justice!" which are
      the core values listed on Urban Adamah's website, and we also chanted, "Their
      Bodies, Not Ours... Their Lives, Not Ours." The volunteers started gathering on
      the other side of the farm, and then they all walked inside the building
      together, so it certainly disrupted their "volunteer time."

      What Can I Do?

      Please contact Adam Berman and urge Urban Adamah not to get any more hens and not
      to slaughter their goats. Urge him to set an example for truly compassionate

      Adam Berman, Executive Director, Urban Adamah
      (510) 649-1595 ex. 301

      We post this loving tribute today in memory of the 15 Berkeley Hens. Here they
      are (were), and here are their mourners at yesterday's Vigil:

      United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes
      the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
      Don't just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.
      http://www.UPC-online.org/ http://www.twitter.com/upcnews

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