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A New Wave Of Entrepreneurs Has Arrived!

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    Vegan Professional Bootcamp Comes To Colorado Springs: A New Wave Of Entrepreneurs Has Arrived! | PRLog
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2014
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      Vegan Professional Bootcamp Comes To Colorado Springs: A New Wave Of Entrepreneurs Has Arrived! | PRLog

      Apr. 30, 2014 - COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo

      Colorado Springs is next in line in a series of Vegan Professional Bootcamps being held around the US and Canada this year. This event promises to inspire and inform vegan  business owners, entrepreneurs, chefs and authors while setting them on the path for success.

      Elizabeth Deschenes and Erica Napolitano attended a 2013 bootcamp when they were planning their business Good from Grown, and Deschenes says the experience was invaluable in getting them started.

      “We were inspired by the speakers and their presentation…the culmination of knowledge, and the sheer passion was what set us off running and creating Good from Grown.”

      The speakers for this event, which will happen May 31 at Epicentral Coworking, have just been announced. The powerful speaker line-up includes:

      -- JL Fields, Vegan Cook, Lifestyle Coach and Educator at JL Fields Consulting

      -- Joshua LaBure, Co-Founder of NOOCH Vegan Market

      -- Lisa Shapiro, Director of All Things Vegan

      -- Stephanie Redcross, Managing Director at Vegan Mainstream

      These four vegan leaders bring a variety of experience and expertise to the event; each of them has been working in different capacities in the vegan world for a number of years. Fields will present on Leveraging Local Media to Become a Household Name; LaBure will conduct a workshop called Where Do I Start?; Shapiro will do a presentation on Getting Your Product Sold; and Redcross will lead a workshop called Stop Sucking at Social Media.

      The remainder of the 5-hour bootcamp will be dedicated to a structured networking session, a panel discussion called Being a Veg Professional – Lessons Learned, and a final workshop entitledRethinking Customer Engagement – Building Revenue Streams. This will be an action-packed day of hands-on learning where participants will have access to seasoned professionals to help them get inspired and practical about making their vegan business (or business-to-be) even more successful. For details about the event or any of the presentations, visit http://veganprofessionalbootcamps.com/ project/colorado- sp....

      Vegan Professional Bootcamps are a series of stand-alone multi-city events designed with the busy vegan professional in mind. Each half-day event is localized to its city, and provides aspiring and experienced vegan professionals with the information and inspiration they need to make their vegan businesses thrive.

      “We’re looking forward to bringing Vegan Professional Bootcamps to Colorado Springs,” says presenter and co-organizer Stephanie Redcross. “We get so much positive feedback about how these events positively impact veg businesses, it’s a very rewarding thing to be part of.”

      Interested participants can get more information and register at Vegan Professional Bootcamps |Half-Day Hands-on Training and Planning

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