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Weekend News Roundup

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  • allen schubert
    The Mayor Went Vegan, Then Spread the Word http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/us/the-mayor-went-vegan-then-spread-the-word.html ôOnly kale can save us now.ö
    Message 1 of 43 , Jan 26, 2014
      The Mayor Went Vegan, Then Spread the Word
      "“Only kale can save us now.”
      "In Marshall, a growing number of residents believe that slogan is not
      far from the truth. Barbecue and chicken-fried steak are a way of life
      in this corner of East Texas; so are obesity, diabetes, cancer and
      heart disease."

      BEING VEGAN – The Transition Team is Forming
      "I have a glimpse of what this transition team is leading us towards.
      I see a time where the vast majority of people will see it abhorrent
      to consume animal products as food or wear them as clothing. Those
      industries that have supplied these products in the past will
      eventually be profoundly reduced."

      Review: Van Damme Goes Violently Vegan In ENEMIES CLOSER
      "His French-Canadian mercenary Xander is a self-proclaimed vegan who
      cherishes organic produce and fair trade coffee, while refusing to
      handle firearms."

      Can you tell what's vegan and what isn't?

      A Vegetarian Abroad
      "To be a vegetarian in India is to be as inconspicuous as one in a
      million throng religious mela. But on the TWA flight from London to
      Chicago, I was the only vegetarian among the three hundred and odd

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    • allen schubert
      Meet the vegan mafia, a secret group of investors betting on the future of food
      Message 43 of 43 , Aug 13 8:56 AM
        Meet the 'vegan mafia,' a secret group of investors betting on the
        future of food
        "The "vegan mafia" is a group of powerful vegans across the country
        who fund start-ups, and try to wean people from their dependence on
        animal products.
        ""There's a whole community of us that are building and funding vegan
        companies," said Bethencourt, himself a longtime vegan, who runs a
        bio-tech accelerator called IndieBio.
        "The "vegan mafia" nickname is an informal nod to the so-called
        "PayPal mafia" — a group of powerful Silicon Valley investors and
        founders such as Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Reid Hoffman, who worked
        at the payments start-up in the 1990s.
        "The best-known start-ups in the space include Beyond Meat and
        Impossible Foods, which make plant-based meat-like and cheese-like
        products; and Pembient, which bioengineers wildlife products in a lab,
        like rhino horn and elephant ivory."

        5 Reasons Why Vegan is Not a “White Thing”
        "Okay so there are a lot of white vegans. That one vegan friend you
        have is probably white. Before I went vegan, I thought what many
        probably have thought before: that veganism was some extreme,
        privileged white people ish.
        "I’m here to tell you that vegan is not a white thing!! And I’m not
        saying people of color can make their own space within the “white
        vegan” world.… I’m saying that not eating animals and/or animal
        products is a concept that people of color all over the world have
        embraced for quite a long time. If we can change the narrative that
        veganism is only for white people, we can help introduce it as a
        possibility for those who traditionally would not consider eating less
        meat, and allow them to reap the benefits as well. Yes, “white
        veganism” is real, but globally and in America, people of color are
        leading the movement to consume less animal product. Sometimes, a
        change in perspective can go a long way. Here are 5 reasons why
        veganism is NOT a “white” thing. Facts only:"

        How to eat vegan as a college student
        "Like many vegans, I am often asked what I eat. The answer: a lot.
        "Vegans only eat foods that come from plants. I don’t eat any animal
        or animal-derived products: no meat, dairy or eggs.
        "Despite being a college student on a budget, and having limited dorm
        kitchen supplies, I rarely have trouble figuring out what to eat. You
        do not have to buy special food to stay healthy as a vegan. Here are
        some tips I use to maintain my diet."
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