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Monday News Roundup

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  • allen schubert
    Is a Meat-Free Paleo Diet Possible? http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/is-a-meat-free-paleo-diet-possible/ SECRETS OF GOOD HEALTH FROM VEGANS
    Message 1 of 135 , Jan 20, 2014
      Is a Meat-Free Paleo Diet Possible?


      Healthy eating: vegan diet holds promise of healthier life

      Shouldn’t Mormons be vegetarians?
      "We Mormons have a remarkably selective interpretation of the
      scripture that makes up our Word of Wisdom, the dietary code that we
      follow religiously. We obey the restrictions against hot drinks,
      alcohol, and tobacco but studiously ignore a key component of the
      scripture passage: that meat is only for rare circumstances."

      Hitting the wall as Veganuary hits halfway
      "After the eye-openers of the first week – such as discovering not all
      bread is vegan – week two was when boredom set in."

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    • allen schubert
      The board of Silicon Valley’s biggest food tech company has basically called it quits
      Message 135 of 135 , Jul 17 8:28 PM
        The board of Silicon Valley’s biggest food tech company has basically
        called it quits
        "There are a lot of surprising things to know about the Silicon Valley
        food startup Hampton Creek—for instance, that it’s valued at more than
        $1 billion, that the American egg industry has been very afraid of it,
        that Bill Gates is a fan, and that its biggest-selling product is
        vegan mayo.
        "Another big surprise materialized today (July 17), when Bloomberg
        reported that the board of Hampton Creek is down to one member:
        company founder and CEO Josh Tetrick. At least five directors left in
        the last month, a result of deep divisions between Tetrick and the
        rest of the board over the direction of the company, according to
        unnamed sources cited by Bloomberg.
        "Tetrick represents a corner of the food industry hellbent on
        overthrowing the meat and egg industries. He’s already pinched the egg
        companies by snapping up market share with eggless condiments, and his
        company recently said it would begin focusing on lab-grown meat."

        Wichita restaurant owners’ ‘minds blown’ by $500 tip
        "At first, Rochelle Kollins and Shea West thought their employee had
        made a mistake when counting the register on Thursday night.
        "But after they checked and double-checked and triple-checked, the
        owners of Kind Kravings – the double-decker vegan food bus that sets
        up shop in downtown Wichita each week – realized that there was no
        "“Someone really did tip us $500,” Collins said. “All of our minds were blown.”
        "The couple, who in March upgraded their vegan food truck to the bus
        with an upstairs dining room, said the mystery of who left such a
        generous tip is driving them a bit insane. They called a bunch of
        their regular customers, wondering if they could find who to thank.
        But no one admitted to it."

        Vegetarian and vegan diets aren't necessarily more healthy
        "Especially if they don't involve actual vegetables."
        "Eliminating meat from a terrible diet doesn’t really make it any
        healthier, according to a study released today in the Journal of the
        American College of Cardiology. In fact, the study found that
        participants whose mostly-plant-based diets (think vegetarian or
        vegan) included a lot of processed foods, such as sugary beverages and
        French fries, were more likely to develop heart disease or die during
        the study period than people who avoided processed food—even if that
        meant eating a little meat.
        "Previous studies have found that people who adhere to vegetarian or
        vegan dietshave better cardiovascular health. President Bill Clinton,
        who was once famous for jogs that detoured through McDonalds, went
        vegan to cope with heart disease. But those studies tend to lump all
        plant-based diets together into one group. The real world is a little
        more complicated."

        The Synagogue Vegan Challenge
        "Could your synagogue go vegan for a year?
        "Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz — who has eaten only plant-based foods since
        his wedding day, six years ago — is hoping that it can. The
        36-year-old, who was named one of the top 50 rabbis in America by
        Newsweek in 2012 and 2013, and one of the most 50 influential Jews by
        the Forward last year, recently launched the Synagogue Vegan
        "Under the program, Jewish houses of worship in the United States and
        Canada can apply for a grant of $5,000 to be used on food and
        programs. To be considered, synagogues must commit to a minimum of one
        vegan event per month.
        "“There’s not one vegan synagogue in America,” said Yanklowitz, who
        holds a master’s degree in Leadership and Psychology from Harvard
        University, and a master’s degree in philosophy from Yeshiva
        University. “It’s very hard to make changes, and we to have to make it
        easier for people. If people see that vegan food can be healthy and
        tasty, they are more likely to consider a dietary change. The
        synagogue should be a place of education, where people can learn about
        the health benefits of going vegan.”"

        ATTENTION BRITISH VEGANS: dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s is finally coming to the UK
        "Life is about to get a whole load sweeter because Ben & Jerry’s is
        finally bringing their non-dairy ice cream to the UK.
        "It’s baffling how it’s only just happening now but the company say
        that they’ve actually been working on the vegan range for some time
        and ‘want to make sure these flavours live up to what Ben & Jerry’s is
        known for; enormous chunks, delicious swirls and a commitment to
        values-led ingredient sourcing’."
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