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(Israel) Domino's Pizza Goes Vegan-Friendly

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    From: reyo@netvision.net.il To: ar-news Subject: [AR-News] (IL) Domino s Pizza goes vegan-friendly in its Israeli branches Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 22:28:12
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      From: reyo@...
      To: ar-news
      Subject: [AR-News] (IL) Domino's Pizza goes vegan-friendly in its Israeli branches
      Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 22:28:12 +0200

      Domino's Pizza launched today vegan version of her Pizzas in most of its branches in Israel. Customers will be able to choose between the traditional cow-milk based cheese and vegan cheese (soy based). The chain accordingly received the "vegan-friendly" label.


      This is another success to "Vegan Future" – an Israeli organization that focuses on promoting veganism and making vegan food more easily available. One of the group's projects is giving the "vegan friendly" label to businesses which offer satisfactory, varied, easily identifiable and high quality options for vegans (in pizzerias, for example, the pizzeria should offer vegan cheese pizzas. offering the pizza without the cheese will not suffice). Through negotiating with restaurants and café chains, the group has succeeded in adding varied vegan options to menus in over 150 businesses, including important chains with branches throughout the country.


      The efforts to make Domino's Pizza vegan-friendly started 8 months ago, with a facebook-based campaign. The group asked the people who endorsed their facebook-page (by now the number is over 37,000) to send messages to the chain and make posts on its facebook page. The company responded positively, and has been experimenting with different vegan cheeses for the last half a year. Today the vegan pizzas were launched.  


      Domino's Pizza was established in the US in 1960. The chain has over 10,000 branches in 73 countries. In Israel it has 50 branches throughout the country. The CEO of Domino's Pizza Israel told Ha'aretz newspaper that the chain's international headquarters were updated regarding this step and were waiting for the results. He assumed that they may join the trend.


      Link to the report in Ha'aretz (in Hebrew – I haven't found anything in English yet): http://www.haaretz.co.il/gallery/recipes/vegetarian/1.2191895




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