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Protest "Dancing Chicken Corpse" TV Ad

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    United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/ 1 October 2013 Protest Dancing Chicken Corpse TV Ad The dancing chicken corpse TV ad campaign targets
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      United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/
      1 October 2013

      Protest "Dancing Chicken Corpse" TV Ad

      The "dancing chicken corpse" TV ad campaign targets urban hipsters who "want to
      know where their food comes from." Watch the ad:



      A company called Artizone.com has entered the Chicago and Dallas markets as a
      grocery delivery service offering products from local producers. Artizone hired
      the Tom, Dick & Harry (TD&H) Advertising Agency to produce an ad featuring
      dancing headless chicken corpses delivering groceries to customers.

      David Yang of TD&H told Bizjournals.com: "We're hoping to tap into consumers who
      love local, fresh, healthy food and who care where that food comes from and what
      it contains - people who prefer buying from small, local businesses."

      For more about the partnership between Artizone and TD&H Advertising, see:

      What Can I Do?

      Please protest this ad and demand that it be pulled immediately.
      Request a reply.


      Lior Lavy, Chief Marketing Executive and Alex Zeltcer, CEO of Artizone

      David Yang at TD&H: hello@...

      Sample Message IN YOUR OWN WORDS!

      To Artizone.com and Tom, Dick & Harry Advertising:

      The suffering and abuse of a chicken or of any fellow creature can never be an
      amusement for a person of conscience. This ad campaign incorporates the cruelty
      and power sought by certain types of people over defenseless animals. Such
      impulses unfortunately are very much a part of the foodie movement rendering it
      indistinguishable from the factory farming foodies claim to oppose. I've cared
      lovingly for chickens for three decades and I know that they are intelligent,
      sensitive individuals, highly sociable, friendly, and cheerful souls who are
      treated with unspeakable cruelty by conventional society. To see chickens hurt
      and degraded by thoughtless companies and consumers is very painful, but the
      types of people who enjoy hurting animals get an extra thrill out of hurting the
      people who care about animals (it makes them feel so powerful). This said, I
      urge you to remove your callous and irresponsible chicken corpse ad immediately,
      and I request a written response from you as soon as possible.

      Karen Davis, PhD, President
      United Poultry Concerns

      United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes
      the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
      Don't just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.
      http://www.UPC-online.org/ http://www.twitter.com/upcnews

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