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US - Biotech's Three Mile Island

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  • Orville A Knudsen
    Biotech s Three Mile Island http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=14813 Hamilton County, Nebraska, is where food comes from. You can visit the Plainsman
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
      Biotech's Three Mile Island

      "Hamilton County, Nebraska, is where food comes from. You can visit the
      Plainsman Museum on Highway 14 to learn about "farm life from the 1880s to
      the 1950s," or you can just drive on up the highway and learn about farm
      life in 2002 at any of the dozens of family farms that still grow corn and
      soybeans on fields that some families have worked since their ancestors
      homesteaded here just after the Civil War."


      "An area farmer, who a year earlier had supplemented his income by quietly
      planting a test plot with seed corn genetically modified to produce
      proteins containing powerful drugs for treatment of diarrhea in pigs, this
      year harvested soybeans for human consumption from the same field. He
      trucked them off to the Aurora Co-op, where they were mixed with soybeans
      from other fields throughout the county in preparation for production as
      food. Just as the soybeans were about to begin their journey to the
      nation's dinner plates, a routine inspection of the test field by U.S.
      Department of Agriculture inspectors revealed that corn plants that should
      have been completely removed were still growing in the field from which
      the soybeans had been harvested – raising the prospect that the
      pharmaceutical crop had mingled with the food crop."

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