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US - CALIF -- Expert who cured Bill Clinton's heart disease coming to Woodland Hills, CA

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  • Jeff Nelson
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jeff Nelson Tel. 818-349-5600 email: support@vegsource.com * **LEARN HOW TO PREVENT & REVERSE HEART DISEASE FROM? PRESIDENT
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2013
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      Contact: Jeff Nelson
      Tel. 818-349-5600
      email: support@...

      /Over 600,000 Americans will
      _unnecessarily_ die of heart disease
      this year/

      Sunday, October 20, 2013, at the Warner
      Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills,
      CA, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD will be
      teaching his full program on how to
      reverse heart disease. A renowned
      expert from the Cleveland Clinic, Dr.
      Esselstyn has the longest running
      peer-reviewed study showing conclusively
      that even the worst, most advanced cases
      of heart disease can be fully and
      permanently reversed through his healthy
      low fat, plant-based diet.

      Over the course of a decade President
      Bill Clinton endured multiple surgeries,
      stents and heavy medications to treat
      his progressing heart disease. In March
      of 2011, after one of his stents failed,
      Clinton decided to try Dr. Esselstyn's
      plant-based diet program. Within a few
      months, Clinton was able to stop all
      heart medications, he lost 24 pounds,
      and put his cardiac disease into
      complete remission, where it remains today.

      Clinton publicly sings the praises of
      Dr. Esselstyn in the media, such as on
      CNN, see:
      and on the David Letterman show:
      In addition, Sanjay Gupta MD produced a
      CNN documentary on Dr. Esselstyn and his
      diet (which diet Dr. Gupta now also
      follows), watch full 42 minute
      documentary online at:

      Clinton's experience in reversing his
      longtime heart disease is the same as
      the hundreds of successful individuals
      studied by Dr. Esselstyn over the past
      two decades. They all got well following
      Esselstyn's diet, and have more energy
      and fitness than they had before their
      diagnoses. Patients include numerous
      "lost causes" who had suffered strokes
      and serious heart attacks, and who had
      been sent home to die by their
      cardiologist. All of them reversed
      their heart disease and are still alive
      and thriving decades later.

      On Sunday October 20, you can come take
      Dr. Esselstyn's full Cleveland Clinic
      course at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo,
      including receiving valuable, unique
      written materials. The Expo is a
      weekend-long conference featuring some
      of the top names in plant-based health,
      including legendary researcher and
      Cornell Professor, T. Colin Campbell
      PhD, author of international bestseller
      The China Study. Dr. Campbell will
      highlight overwhelming research that
      cancer thrives on the animal
      protein-heavy Standard American Diet,
      whereas Campbell's research shows
      numerous cancers can be turned on or off
      like a switch, by manipulating the
      percentage of animal protein in our diets.

      Best selling author, psychologist Guy
      Winch PhD, will talk about how common
      emotional injuries, like rejection,
      loneliness, failure and guilt, can
      negatively impact your physical health
      and longevity. Dr. Winch will provide
      keys from research studies for a crucial
      "emotional first aid kit" that can
      safeguard your health against negative
      emotions and experiences.

      There are over a dozen talks with
      life-saving information during the
      weekend. The full schedule can be found
      online at

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