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Re: [ivu-veg-news] Animal Concerns Community - Farewell

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    I d like to openly express my gratitude to the Animal Concerns Community (ACC), and in particular Allen Schubert, for the many years of service they have
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 17, 2013
      I'd like to openly express my gratitude to the Animal Concerns Community (ACC), and in particular Allen Schubert, for the many years of service they have provided to the animal rights community by freely supplying news and other information.

      "Knowledge is power," and they have greatly empowered those of us who are interested in being informed. They have done so by selflessly posting information covering the spectrum of animal protection issues.

      Personally, ACC's services were invaluable to me while I produced Farmed Animal Watch as they have been in my subsequent activism.

      The individuals who are responsible for ACC are among the many unsung heroes of the animal rights community. I appreciate the opportunity to give them this token note of appreciation. Thank you, ACC, very, very much for a job so very well done.

      Most sincerely,
      Mary Finelli

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      Animal Concerns Community (Animalconcerns.org) will cease operation at the
      end of August.

      Animalconcerns.org has existed under other names, most notably the Animal
      Rights Resource Site (ARRS), since the 1990s. In those days, ARRS was _the_
      leader for animal rights on the internet. For many years, ARRS and
      Animalconcerns.org were the number one hit when conducting an internet
      search for "animal rights."

      Over the years, every animal rights organization has established an
      internet presence requiring less need for a website such as
      Animalconcerns.org. Further developments in news distribution in recent
      years have also led to a decline in popularity for Animalconcerns.org. Many
      users on the internet prefer to spread their news through corporate-owned
      social networks rather than websites or email distribution. User
      preferences on the internet have changed, but Animalconcerns.org did not
      keep pace.

      The Animalconcerns.org website will not be updated after this post and will
      cease operation in the near future. The Facebook and Twitter pages may
      continue under different ownership, if interest continues.

      Many thanks to Josh Knauer and Envirolink for providing the animal rights
      activists with a community and a vehicle to disseminate information to all
      who sought it. Josh has helped us many times with technical matters,
      hosting, and many other issues that would take a long list to display.

      And thanks to all the volunteers for the old ARRS and Animalconcerns.org.
      Thanks go to Don Graft for the old ARRS. Many other volunteers will remain
      nameless, though in the last few years, it was primarily three of us who
      kept Animalconcerns.org running (by first name): Allen, Barb, and Dar.

      And finally, thanks go out to all the people who found Animalconcerns.org
      useful and who supported us over the years. That's what made it all

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