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    [Reno News & Review] ôAt first I didnÆt know what kale was,ö says Alex Franklin, 10. ôI thought it was a decoration.ö HeÆs describing how he and his
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      [Reno News & Review]

      “At first I didn’t know what kale was,” says Alex Franklin, 10. “I
      thought it was a decoration.” He’s describing how he and his brother,
      Dylan, 11, responded about two years ago to the idea of transitioning
      to a vegan diet from their more standard omnivorous upbringing.

      “We had to adjust little by little,” explains Veronika, mother of the
      two boys. “Everyone I know on a very close basis, they’re not vegan,
      they’re not even vegetarian. But at the time that we started, my kids,
      they had all these gastric issues, and I weighed 25 pounds more.”

      Veronika explains they made the decision to go vegan together after
      seeing author, former fireman and pro-triathlete Rip Esselstyn give a
      presentation on his book, The Engine 2 Diet, in which he describes the
      positive health effects of his firefighting team switching to a
      plant-based diet.

      full story:

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