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"Chicken Scramble" Report

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    United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/ 24 July 2013 Chicken Scramble Report Earlier this month we published an Action Alert on the Cottage
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      United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/
      24 July 2013

      "Chicken Scramble" Report

      Earlier this month we published an Action Alert on the Cottage Grove Riding
      Club's annual "Animal Scramble," in Oregon, an activity included in the Cottage
      Grove Rodeo in which children are taught to chase down and grab small, terrified
      animals released on an open field for this purpose. This year, July 12-13,
      instead of rabbits, the "scramble" organizer reportedly chose chickens.
      See http://www.upc-online.org/entertainment

      Amanda Schemkes of Action for Animals sent UPC the following report on their
      protest demonstration against the "Chicken Scramble":
      The demonstration went fine. We had about a dozen people there, and protested at
      the rodeo entrance, so everyone who was going in saw us. The rodeo staff tried
      to tell us to leave, but we had a lawyer with us and they backed down when she
      talked to them about our right to protest on public spaces.

      The local Cottage Grove newspaper sent someone out to interview me, but he was
      not sympathetic to our cause and I found him difficult to talk with. But the
      Eugene ABC news station also sent someone out to do a news story, and he was
      much more pleasant. He filmed part of the story inside, and then did a good
      interview with me.

      He told me the rodeo staff told him they were canceling the animal scramble, but
      I wondered if they meant they had just stopped using rabbits for it.* The rodeo
      attendees were not very friendly towards us, but there were a lot of kids going
      in with their parents who were watching us carefully, and I hope that our
      message reached those kids.

      Thank you for helping to promote the protest. People there told me they attended
      the protest because of the email Alert you sent out. -Amanda Schemkes

      *UPC inquired whether the animal scramble was cancelled this year and await a
      response. Please feel free to make your own inquiry.

      What Can I Do?

      Please call or email the Riding Club and urge them to cancel the Animal Scramble
      permanently. Politely request a reply:
      Cottage Grove Riding Club

      Kelli Fisher, President
      Cottage Grove Riding Club
      PO Box 485
      Cottage Grove, OR 97424

      Send an e-mail:

      United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes
      the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
      Don't just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.
      http://www.UPC-online.org/ http://www.twitter.com/upcnews

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