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(US) How the horrible Vegan Sellout List stunt tricked the Internet

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    Last week you may have stumbled across ExVegans.com, a list of ôVegan Sellouts.ö ItÆs a barbed directory of former vegans that exists solely so that current
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2013
      Last week you may have stumbled across ExVegans.com, a list of “Vegan
      Sellouts.” It’s a barbed directory of former vegans that exists solely
      so that current vegans can publicly shame them, writing descriptions
      of their fall back into meat-and-egg eating gluttony. If you were one
      of the people that found the site, you probably experienced the
      reaction that most people did: outrage, disbelief, heightened
      annoyance. It’s the sort of site where you can actually smell the
      stench of self-righteousness through your laptop. It was
      Internet-shaming to the Nth degree, right up there with Revenge Porn
      sites and creepshotting.
      Reporters at Gawker, Fox News, The New York Post, The Observer, and a
      number of other high-profile sites (including many vegan blogs,
      horrified by the bad press this insane list engendered) ran posts
      highlighting the Vegan Sellout List, and vilifying it as one of the
      worst examples of Internet-shaming to date. The journalists covering
      the story linked to the website, obviously, so that readers could see
      check out the site for themselves.Vegan Sellout List

      And that’s exactly what the creators of the Vegan Sellout List wanted.
      Once the controversial site had gathered enough media attention, the
      creators redirected the URL; instead of seeing angry take-downs of
      former vegans, people who went to the exvegans.com URL were sent to
      Veg-TV, a website with information and videos about veganism. The page
      that pops up first streams the vegan documentary Meet Your Meat,
      narrated by Alec Baldwin. The webmaster for Veg-TV noticed things
      picking up as well: “There’s a spike since July 4,” he says.

      Peter Young, one of the people behind the Vegan Sellout List and
      creator of the Animal Liberation Frontline, wrote a blog post
      detailing why the group chose this tactic. He was inspired by Ryan
      Holiday, the author of a book called “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions
      of a Media Manipulator.” Holiday is the director of marketing at
      American Apparel and has an impressive penchant for generating buzz
      through controversy.
      So the Vegan Sellout List was but a decoy, but a necessary one toward
      the group’s effort. Simply showing the video to media wasn’t a story
      that anyone would want to pick up; a site outing ex-vegans though?
      That has a hook.

      full story:

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