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(US/pa) SHAW: Looking back on the ups and downs of being vegan in York County

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    [York Dispatch - opinion] When I started at the York Dispatch five years ago, I ate meat. I also wasn t married or a dad, but that s another topic. Five years
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2013
      [York Dispatch - opinion]

      When I started at the York Dispatch five years ago, I ate meat.

      I also wasn't married or a dad, but that's another topic.

      Five years ago, I ate cheeseburgers and steak and chicken nuggets and
      anything else a York Countian usually eats.

      Today is my last day at the Dispatch -- a bittersweet end as I move on
      to an exciting opportunity in the area -- and I'm leaving a vegan.

      So in my last food column, I'd like to highlight the highs and lows of
      living a meat- and dairy-free existence here.

      Low: Just a few years ago, you could count the number of palatable
      vegetarian and vegan options on one hand. That hand also likely was
      coated in butter.

      High: York is no Philly. It's not even Harrisburg. But there are now
      enough options that a person can go sans-meat for lunch and not be
      stuck going to the same place. Just to reel off a few great newer
      options, there's Ladybug Bakery, Chipotle, Pita Pit and Qdoba. And
      Central Market has had more vegan options, too.

      Low: It is still unusual to be vegan/vegetarian here. As my
      pediatrician put it, "In York County, vegetarian usually means you
      just eat chicken."

      High: A Facebook group of York County vegans has formed, and they
      offer lots of great local options to check out as well as support.
      Because trust me, when somebody tells you they have a vegetarian
      entree for you for dinner and it's a side salad, you need support.
      Search Facebook for "YorkCoVegans."

      full story:

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